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Member since: Fri Oct 31, 2014, 05:16 PM
Number of posts: 8,926

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Morning Joe and Mika have exceeded their "Sell By" date. I must confess I only lasted about five

minutes this a.m. but could tell this would be a "stink show." Neither one is consistent in their "reporting" and are from what I'm reading, today just muddying the waters. I agree this would be a great time-slot for Joy. The only negative in this thinking is MJ and Mika's contracts. I don't know who their audience is these days unless it's on in most homes as background. The both of them disgust me and the repubs on their panel need to go also. Eugene Robinson is the one consistent panelist they have. Please , MSNBC, if you want a steady morning viewer population, get rid of these two, they are clowns..

My guru had to reinstall Windows 10, which is fine. Now I am getting ads all over the

sites I visit. Isn't there a way I can get rid of all of these ads? I think I did this once before ages ago but cannot remember. Many thanks in advance..

Did McCain win his primary?..n/t

Is John McCain's primary today? n/t

Mel Brooks will be on the Late Show tonight..nt

Mel Brooks will be on the Late Show tonight..nt

Hillary's visit to Morning Joe this morning will go very well. I can tell by two things: Mika will

be the interviewer and she just stated how Trump's racist words along with this supporters are so negative and have a terrible impact on U.S. citizens. Not exactly her words but this was the message. The other thing is that Joe is not there today. I'm sure his absence was pre-planned but he must be furious/upset about not being there. Unfortunately, mouthy Nicole Wallace is there, hope they can muzzle her for the time Hillary is there. I'm looking forward to it.

"Boys Of '36" on PBS now..n/t

I'm looking at the close-ups of the men in this audience and I believe they are sincerely taking

Hillary seriously. Not too sure it wasn't lip service before but not now. She is hitting on some important things that attract the interest of men and they are liking what they hear...IMO..
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