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Name: Karl
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 5,571

Journal Archives

The useless president

STILL has not addressed his traitorous supporters to stand down and stop. Still telling the big lie. And the GOP still believes he shouldn't be impeached and removed.

Dear republicans, those who say impeachment of trump will

harm relationships between Democratic and Republican members of Congress. Many of you have said trump has responsibility for the capital insurrection last week. This impeachment is of Donald Trump not the Republican party. Those responsible in your party punishment will come later.

Trump has to be gone now. The longer we wait the story/facts

Will dissolve quickly. I hear a slimy RWNJ on the radio this AM say the officer killed by trumps mob died of a stroke. And the poor woman shot was unarmed. Along with other bullshit both sides crap.

Damn Sen. Coons get a damn spine.

You can't even say if trump should be prosecuted. I'm tired of all the melie-mouth talk from democrats. Can't call for resignation from republicans involved in this murderous coup attempt. On face the nation now. Damn it all.

Every member of Congress

need to call for the immediate resignation of trump now.

I hope the congressional members remember this day and their fellow

Republican traitors who are responsible for this absolute nonsense built on lies and propaganda. Cruz, Graham, Jordan, Gatez and many more to mention should be shunned by the sane among them, if there is any left.

This is the fucking Capitol building

Where are the police and National guard in riot gear with tear gas, rubber bullets, and convoys of game to drag these traitors to jail ?

It's time to stop pussyfooting around with republicans. Since the

media won't point out the obvious it's up to the Democratic Party leadership and every elected official to force republicans to either defend or condemn the Russian attack on the United States of America. Demand answers from every republican. Ask the question, demand an answer in person or via the press and don't give up until they answer. Ask the two traitors running for Senate in Georgia where they stand. We can't afford to let this slide into another Russia Russia Russia non-answer. Call for resignation from trump and those who support the obvious enemy. You are leaders please lead.

I can't imagine how anyone could vote

for Purdue or Loilfer from Georgia after that truly humiliating performance at trumps sedation rally. How little self respect must you have to participate in such a show.

Ok this is getting absurd. When will we stop

Fucking around with these criminals. I don't know what is happening but if the lawyers for Biden, the Democratic Party, the government and who ever else can start piling on lawsuit after lawsuit upon those who are stopping this election from ending already. This is a whole lot of crap and these judges who are hearing the crap the trump campaign is pulling from their asses need to end this now. Enough. How does this stop. This is beyond ridiculous beyond belief. E fucking nuff , ENOUGH. (sorry but I'm raging here)
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