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Still In Wisconsin

Still In Wisconsin's Journal
Still In Wisconsin's Journal
June 13, 2018

The remaining TRUMP supporters are an overlapping Venn diagram comprised of three groups I think:

Win at any cost (literally ANY cost) Republicans, racists/misogynists, and dumbasses who get all their news from Fox/Hannity/Limbaugh. I believe this includes those in Congress who either openly support TRUMP, appease him, or refuse to vote against him on bills.

Did I miss anyone?

June 9, 2018

I was just disinvited from my niece's high school graduation because MAGA!

My Trump-humping brother in law just disinvited me from his daughter's graduation because of my (and my two daughters) refusal to praise The Donald for "all of the great things he's doing for people of faith." Really, I wish I was kidding. He and his wife are MAGAChristians and they don't want us spoiling their daughter's day... as if we were going to bring up politics (we weren't obviously). My wife will go and represent our family (it's her brother) and I will stay home with the girls.

So, Donald, I finally have something to thank you for... you got me out of what would have been a miserable afternoon, and instead I get to go to a movie with my girls. Thanks, buddy!

June 1, 2018

Good grief, I just saw an "Ivanka 2024" bumper sticker on the way in to work.

I will now go to the bathroom and vomit.

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