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Trump's Train

Is religion a clear and present danger?

Boko Haram, ISIS, Chinese western province, Al Qaeda, Chechnya, regional problems?

But Paris, then Copenhagen? Over freedom of speech? Freedom of cartoons?

Yes, terrorists are extremists, and a majority of muslims are peace loving individuals.

But extremists are enabled by the majority which agrees the 'Holy" Book can't be amended.

Is it time -for peace sake- to realize religions are not sacred?

The cartoonist and the drawing the Copenhagen shooter was trying to suppress:

Let's test when a cartoon is free speech vs hate & blasphemy

The Torah ( Christian Old Testament) and the Quran say: death to blasphemers.

PC people (press, some at DU) are squeamish to state that fact when it applies to Islam.

the following cartoon expresses that Torah/Quran doctrine + the PC squeamishness.

My question: is this cartoon free speech and satire, or is it racist blasphemous hate speech?

Are radical Islam and Political Correctness stifling/killing free speech?

I've been a weekly reader of Charlie Hebdo for quite a few years in the past.

It was solidly progressive and bitingly anti-religious. Anti ALL religions.

And it was a strong support/relay of all the French anti-racism associations (ACLU-like).

That's why, the bodies of the victims not buried yet, I was horrified by some comments:

First, when reading here at DU some remarks that Charlie engaged in hate speech


Religious caricatures were clearly aimed at the religions themselves, or at their bigots.

I defy anyone on this board to come up with a racist comment printed in Charlie.

Chalk victory #1 for the terrorists: victims get some blame, mocking religion is hate speech.

Second, Kristof's column in the NYT says roughly Islam was not to blame. Wonderful.


Yes, many/most? muslims are peaceful. But millions are ready to follow crazy rules.

It is written in the Quran (and in the Torah/OT) that blasphemers should be put to death.

Chalk victory #2 for the terrorists: Kristof doesn't mention the doctrine problems that Charlie mocked.

Third and last, the Charlie shooting will be a strong incentive to kill mockery of religion.

Let's remember that no major US newspaper reprinted the Danish cartoons in 2005. Risky.

After this Charlie Hebdo attack, journalists will double up on the PC with personal safety.

Who wants to become the next Salman Rushdie? Or Danish or Charlie Hebdo cartoonist?

Chalk victory #3 for the terrorists: voices critical of religions themselves will be smothered.

Some comic relief to conclude: what the Vatican had to say at the time of the Danish cartoons:

"The right to freedom of thought and expression .. cannot imply the right to offend the religious sentiment of believers."

Here, a 'best of' of Charlie's anti religious cover pages. Hoping nobody will say I'm spreading hate speech.

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