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Ferd Berfel

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Member since: Sat Jan 3, 2015, 12:39 PM
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Clinton Campaign to Republican Donors: Hillary Shares Your Values


The Problem: It's True.

Late last week, Politico reported that Clinton operatives have initiated efforts to "peel off establishment Republicans who might otherwise grudgingly support Trump," demonstrating their eagerness to win over big money donors previously wedded to the conservative establishment.

Specifically, Clinton supporters have been targeting the donor base of Jeb Bush, whose main super PAC raised a striking $121 million, much of it before the race for the Republican nomination began to heat up. We know how that ended.

But the Clinton camp sees opportunity lying in the rubble of the former Florida governor's failed campaign.

Indeed, Jeb Bush, along his father and brother, have vowed not to back the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump. Assuming no third party candidate emerges to soak up the fundraising dollars of former Bush backers, Clinton is positioning herself as the deserving recipient.


The same can be said of her allies in the Democratic Party, who long ago abandoned any pretense of representing working Americans.

Why else would the patrons of ultra-conservatism, when faced with the prospect of a disruptive Trump presidency, find it so easy to shift their allegiances to the party next door?

Panama Papers Goes Live with Searchable Database of Tax Evaders


More than 200,000 documents now available to the public as fallout from last month's leak continues

The Panama Papers database went live on Monday, making more than 200,000 offshore account details available to search online at offshoreleaks.icij.org.

More than 11 million documents were leaked by a whistleblower last month to the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). The data, taken from the Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca, linked shell companies, foundations, and trusts to 72 former and current global heads of state.

The Telegraph is posting live updates on its discoveries here.

The release comes as more than 300 economic experts sent a letter to world leaders urging them to abolish the veil of secrecy that surrounds offshore banking and close loopholes that allow the wealthy to avoid paying taxes


This should get interesting

Wall Street Donors Flocking to Clinton


Democratic frontrunner has seen a surge in financial sector donations since business-friendly Republican candidates have dropped out of the race.

Now that Donald Trump has secured his position as the presumptive Republican nominee, Wall Street donors are fleeing the party and throwing their support behind Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

A Wall Street Journal analysis published late Sunday found that the former secretary of state "has raised $4.2 million in total from Wall Street, $344,000 of which was contributed in March alone."

In fact, Clinton has seen a surge in financial sector donations since business-friendly Republican candidates—namely former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio—dropped out of the race. According to the newspaper's reporting on fundraising data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics, "the former secretary of state received 53 percent of the donations from Wall Street in March, up from 32 percent last year and 33 percent in January through February, as the nominating contests began."

WSJ notes that "Trump, by contrast, hasn’t garnered more than 1 percent of Wall Street contributions in any month through March," although the New York billionaire is expected to be much more active in soliciting donations for the general election.

"They know Hillary," Rogers added
I guess it's official

A Contested Convention Is Exactly What the Democratic Party Needs


Bernie Sanders will go to Philadelphia with more pledged delegates than any insurgent in modern history. Here’s what he could do with them.

Joe Biden understands something about the Democratic Party and its future that his fellow partisans would do well to consider. “I don’t think any Democrat’s ever won saying, ‘We can’t think that big—we ought to really downsize here because it’s not realistic,’” the vice president told The New York Times in April. “C’mon man, this is the Democratic Party! I’m not part of the party that says, ‘Well, we can’t do it.’” Mocking Hillary Clinton’s criticism of Bernie Sanders for proposing bold reforms, Biden dismissed the politics of lowered expectations. “I like the idea of saying, ‘We can do much more,’ because we can,” he declared, leading the Times to observe that, while Biden wasn’t making an endorsement, “He’ll take Mr. Sanders’s aspirational approach over Mrs. Clinton’s caution any day.”

Unwittingly or not, Biden made an even better case than Sanders has for taking his insurgent campaign all the way to the Democratic convention in Philadelphia. If the party is going to run in 2016 on a “do much more” agenda—as opposed to triangulating around the center—the Vermont senator’s supporters and like-minded Democrats, including Clinton’s progressive backers, will have to force the issue. Taking the Sanders insurgency to the convention is the paramount vehicle for placing demands that are ideological and, as Biden’s comments suggest, also strategic. That’s one reason why Sanders promised in a statement on April 26 to go to the convention with “as many delegates as possible to fight for a progressive party platform”—despite the fact that Clinton’s delegate advantage now all but guarantees that she will win the nomination.

What Sanders is proposing is a necessary quest—and a realistic one.

Trump Vs Sanders – Sanders Wins In Every Poll


In recent polls conducted by CBS News, Fox News, and USA Today the results show Bernie Sanders beating Trump.

With Ted Cruz “suspending” his campaign tonight, Trump will be receiving the Republican Nomination.

The Democratic Nomination is still up for grabs. Bernie Sanders numbers are increasing and we need to keep up this momentum and get Bernie the Nomination.

In a Presidential Race of Bernie VS. Trump, Bernie Sanders will be elected our next president.

If you don’t want Trump(the least qualified candidate) to be elected the clear path is to Vote for Bernie Sanders.

Pro-Clinton Super PAC Caught Astroturfing on Social Media, Op-Ed Pages


The Intercept reports Friday that anti-Sanders column purportedly penned by Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed was actually written by corporate lobbyist and edited by Super PAC

An anti-Bernie Sanders column allegedly penned by Atlanta's "influential" Democratic Mayor Kasim Reed ahead of Georgia's Super Tuesday primary appears to have been "primarily written by a corporate lobbyist" and "edited by Correct the Record, one of several pro-Clinton Super PACs," according to The Intercept on Friday.

"Sanders' record is simply not strong when compared to Obama and Clinton," Reed's op-ed read, "both of whom have prioritized reducing gun violence in our cities and across our country."

The piece continued:

Sanders assumes his single-issue platform will help everyone, but only Clinton's plans work from the ground up to identify and break down barriers unique to African-American families. For the single mother riding two buses to her second job, Sanders' one-issue platform just doesn't cut it. And for the poor child in Flint, Michigan, forced to drink tainted water from a government tap, Sanders' Wall Street-focused message doesn't carry weight.


"There would be no need for a 'digital task force,'" Gosztola wrote, "if the Clinton campaign did not fear that Americans are learning too much about how Clinton is beholden to corporate and special interests, which will heavily influence her as president."

Trump as Unifier: Are Hillary Clinton and Neoconservatives Ready to Join Forces?


'Neocon elites are probably the likeliest faction to defect to Clinton, and what they'd want is blood-curdling aggressiveness overseas and Benjamin Netanyahu in charge of Middle East policy.'

As Donald Trump is declared the presumptive Republican nominee for president, members of the neoconservative establishment, disgusted by the prospect of Trump in the White House, appear to be heading into the welcoming arms of someone more sympathetic to their imperial worldview: Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Steve Schmidt, a prominent Republican strategist and former senior aide to Sen. John McCain, is just one of several political insiders to have made the case over the last couple days – and he has done so repeatedly while speaking as a contributor for MSNBC.

"I have faith that Clinton’s foreign policy would align with what I’m looking for, and she would have my vote."
—unnamed American Enterprise Institute staffer

This is a suicide run for democracy

Who needs a republican party when you have THIS shit?

Clinton 'More Conservative' than Trump

I was listening to NPR - All Things Considered - yesterday and they had the Chair of McCains 2008 campaign on to talk about Trump. Didn't catch his name - but he didn't like Trump and said that he would be voting for Clinton...
because "she is more conservative than Trump".

I thought that was telling.

Edit to add the link:

Clinton Is 'More Conservative Choice': Longtime Republican Crosses Party Lines

NPR's Robert Siegel speaks with Mark Salter, former chief of staff to John McCain and a senior adviser in both of McCain's presidential campaigns, about why he says he will vote for Hillary Clinton.


If I wanted to vote for republicans and neocons - I'd be a fucking republican!

Election 2016: Not Donald Trump vs Not Hillary Clinton



New Reuters/Ipsos poll shows voters choosing to vote against, rather than for

The candidates likely voters are backing in the upcoming presidential election appear to be Not Donald Trump and Not Hillary Clinton.

That's according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released Thursday, which looks at a general election hypothetical matchup between Clinton and Trump, and found the Democrat leading the Republican 45 to 36 percent.

But nearly half (47 percent) of those who said they'd support Trump said it was because they don't want Hillary Clinton to win. That motivation was echoed on the Democratic side—nearly half (46 percent) of those who said they'd vote for Clinton said it was because they don't want Trump to win.

In comparison, 43 percent of those who said they'd vote for the billionaire real estate mogul said it was because they support most of his political positions; just 40 percent of those who said they'd vote for the former secretary of state were compelled by her political positions.

The results are not surprising, as FiveThirtyEight noted in a headline Thursday: "Americans' Distaste For Both Trump And Clinton Is Record-Breaking."


The sick thing is that we have a Candidate that Progressives Independents and even some republicans can enthusiastically vote for, but the machine is still doing everything it can to prevent the nation from having the opportunity. As a Nation, it's suicidal

May Looking Bright for Sanders as Political Revolution Marches On


Describing poverty as a "death sentence" for millions of Americans each year, Sanders supporters remain inspired by his call for a politics from below

Coming off a big win in Indiana and with the Democratic Party holding four more primaries this month, May could end up showing a resilient Bernie Sanders campaign despite the concerted effort of the mainstream press to count him out.

With upcoming contests in West Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon, and the territory of Guam, Politico reports Friday that Sanders could be poised for another upcoming "win streak" against rival Hillary Clinton:

Sanders points to his record of winning 18 states and the narrow margin separating him and Clinton in national polls as cause for remaining in the race.

He contends that he’s the strongest Democratic candidate against presumptive GOP front-runner Donald Trump, and holds out hope that more super delegates in the states where he won will ultimately line up in his camp. Wins in West Virginia and Oregon, following his victory last week in Indiana, would bolster his argument...

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