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Panich52's Journal
Panich52's Journal
September 25, 2019

The Impeachment Clauses Were Written for Donald J Trump

Excerpt from my blog post. Link follows

Below is my list of abuses, illegalities, and violations of the oath of office committed by Trump. Pelosi has allowed these travesties to go unanswered on the mistaken idea that, since the sycophantic Senate wouldn't convict, there would be a backlash that could return the House to the Republicans. That's a disparaging view of the citizenry. Once the multitude of "high crimes and misdemeanors" is enumerated in open hearings the public will be unable to ignore their 2016 electoral college blunder. In addition, seeing the Senate Republicans excuse such criminality might bring out enough voters who care about country over party to hand that body to the Democrats as well. Hope lies eternal....

Many pundits, along with Pelosi, say voting Trump out in 2020 is the best path, amounting to his "indictment." Depending on an election outcome is more dangerous than impeachment. Allowing Trump's presidency to go unchallenged by the House's oversight mandate validates his blatant violation of the oath and lays a path for the next wannabe dictator to continue to abuse power. After all, a known conman who promised to run the country like his business (despite widely publicized multiple bankruptcies) and laid out his racism and bigotry in his campaign announcement speech was placed in the White House by our undemocratic electoral college on 77,000 votes. Impeachment, whether or not successfully removing this stain on our country, is imperative.


March 13, 2019

Capitalism is fine, as long as it's held in check

Age of the robber barons was briefly interrupted by Great Depression, but greed of those who managed to hold on to their wealth and avaristic basis of capitalism has led us to deja vu age. Oligarchy is inevitable when capitalism isn't balanced with a bit of more altruistic socialism where sharing the wealth, ensuring those who keep the money flowing up are, at the very least, able to feel appreciated and not have to worry about what happens to them and their families should they no longer be able to work or need to retire.

Repubs and corporatists have worked to shred social safety nets put in place in 30s instead of improving them. The War on Poverty has become War on the Poor. Unions had much to do with building America's great middle class, but instead of accepting the logic that corporations need customers who can afford their products, capitalistic greed sees them as impediments to the unnecessary amassing of wealth for those at the top. They see fair wages and safe working environments unions try to ensure as dreaded socialism, ignoring that democracy requires capitalism be kept in check.

Paying back to ensure the system that enabled the wealthy to gain their financial security is all modern socialism is. Sharing the wealth, a bit of altruism, keeps the system working instead of the feudalism that inevitably leads to rebellion that occurs when capitalism runs free and unrestrained. If the altruism needs to be a bit forced upon those who can afford to share their wealth, so be it. Our claim of democracy as a superior system of government requires a little socialism.

February 13, 2019

2 underreported stories thx to Trump's idiotic wall

2 underreported stories thanks to Trump's idiotic wall delusions:

#SCOTUS disregards Establishment Clause to expedite prisoner death

Hobby Lobby disaster wasn't a one-off. Conservative "originalist" hypocrites apparently have deleted the Establishment Clause from their copy of the Constitution. Even this atheist thinks a condemned person should have religious counseling/comfort of their choosing, not the choice of a theocratic state.

Trump intervenes in support of coal plant owned by major donor

The blatant pay-for-play in this is too outrageous for words.

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