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Member since: Fri Feb 20, 2015, 06:00 PM
Number of posts: 2,902

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Fighting flares in Eastern Ukraine


My vote didn't count here in Seattle

Kind County. Someone here has my same first name, middle initial, last name, and DOB. My vote was thrown away like it was every single year we switched ti voting by mail. What should I do? Hire a lawyer?

In A New Bid To Push H-1B Program, Microsoft Manufactures Claim U.S. Students Can’t Hack It In Tech


While it is true there's a shortage, the shortage is of people willing to work 80+ hours a week. We've had five developer jobs open for over a year, and not a single applicant was qualified. I know Microsoft doesn't have the same problem.

Former presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich: Hillary should have chosen Bernie Sanders for VP

I still can't believe he didn't win a single state in the 2004 primary. He was the best candidate.

Is there a way to disable sig lines?

They often contain a lot of images, and since I live in Seattle the fastest connection I can currently get at home is dial-up. All of those images make it painful to use this site.

Greg Palast: How California is being stolen from Sanders right now


"Most of this procedural nonsense, like the need to surrender an NPP ballot with an envelope and request a “crossover” ballot – well, frankly, Bernie’s campaign has known about that all year."

Sue Googe steals the Google font!

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