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retrowire's Journal
retrowire's Journal
August 31, 2016

Why is a presidential nominee even ALLOWED to represent our nation internationally?

What if Trump really fucks this up and causes Mexico to really REALLY pissed?

I'm just in awe of how fucking stupid this all is. Why is this allowed to happen?

August 29, 2016

saw some bigotry today

My wife and I were leaving the bank today, a black woman is entering the building and a white woman is exiting ahead of us.

The black woman goes to open one of the double doors for the white lady, the white lady clearly acknowledged it, sneered and then opened the other door for herself.

The black lady had an expression of, "seriously? I'm being courteous wtf" and my wife and I were just appalled.

The white lady in front us then attempted to hold the door open for us, but since we were kind of put off by her behavior, we took too long and she let the door slam on us.

Gee fuckin' whiz. Bigots please get with the times.

August 28, 2016

Mr and Mrs Retrowire are about to enter a BIDDING WAR

We’re making an offer on a house tonight…. What WILL HAPPEN?

Any advice to make the offer more appealing? Do they like baskets of fruit!!?!?

We're writing a letter to the seller, what should we write?

August 28, 2016

new HCBD webcomic is out

It seems to me that he's making this a regular Sunday feature with the art blog. I like this new one.


He's still having trouble gaining an audience and is still going for word of mouth so share this on your feeds if you like his art in general and wanna help out.

August 26, 2016

Alt-Right is just a scapegoat term that allows Republicans to act like this is new.

It is their new term so that after this is all over they can say, "Nope! We're the good ol' GOP we've always been! It's the Alt-Right that gave rise to Trump! We real Republicans would NEVER feel that way!"

It is a means for them to shed this snake skin of theirs and do their best to survive.

There is no Alt-Right. This is the poisoned, dark core of Conservatism.

There is a form of Conservatism that is fine, but it's in the minority compared to this.

Again, Alt-Right is not a new thing. It's a scape goat term to protect the GOP's battered reputation.

Tell all your friends.

August 26, 2016

have you seen this mixed media art blog?

It's made by a friend of mine, he's a social media recluse and so he wants his friends to spread it the best they can by word of mouth.

Therefore, since DU is my most sociable location where I can make this topic, I'm plugging his blog.


He does digital art, photography, poetry, doodles, comics, music (he's working on the music part, he's got no recording equipment but there is a rough recording of some piano hidden on his blog, not hard to find)

But yeah he's pushing me because he's afraid that he spent all this money on a domain and won't get an audience because he doesn't have much of a network. So if you like any of what you see, please share it in your social feeds to help him out.

Thank you!

August 24, 2016

Bumper sticker critique

Today I saw a bumper sticker of the silhouette of a soldier kneeling and aiming his rifle.

To the right of that were the words, "If you can't get behind our troops, feel free to get in front of them"

To the left of this sticker was "My son is serving our country, what's yours doing?"

And finally in the bottom right was a bumper sticker showing their Christian church membership.

It's nice to see a Christian making snide jokes about people getting shot and killed by our military for possible not agreeing with his sons service.

Disclaimer: Bless our troops.

August 19, 2016

has politics always been full of stupid people?

I mean, people that are unfathomably stupid. Like, it is inconceivable that Trump has any followers whatsoever even STILL at this point in time.

Has it really always been this way?

Im feeling nauseous.

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