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Member since: Mon Jun 1, 2015, 10:23 PM
Number of posts: 105

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Spokane's Spokesman Review is the worst...

The Spokesman review continues it's tradition of neanderthal views supporting Trump even how they consider him a"wretched human being" but vote for him anyway...President Truman called the Spokesman one of the two worst newspapers in the US, they are upholding their record...


Green New Deal a way out of this recession

Just as FDR worked to solve the Great Depression with the New Deal, this corona virus recession may be the impetus to embark on the Green New Deal. We need to get started!

Fox News Class Action Lawsuit

When will the first law firm initiate a class action law suit against Fox News regarding their continual misinformation regarding the Covid 19 pandemic... One would think with all the other TV ads for many and sundry class actions that this would be soon!


Don't let Barr off the Hook

Attorney General Barr was purportedly angry that he was mentioned in the same context as Giuliani in the summary of the President TЯump's phone conversation to Ukraine. Work with Rudy, work with Barr, we'll get to the bottom of this...Barr (on a trip to Italy to dig up conspiracy dirt) hopes everyone forgets his involvement while he is trying to provide an alternate history to 2016... He is probably very aware of efforts to extradite Firtash and SDNY's work on the arrest of Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman (and the others) and needs to work fast without scrutiny.
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