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The Polack MSgt

The Polack MSgt's Journal
The Polack MSgt's Journal
November 14, 2015

I've been internet stalking this band lately

This Man can sing, this Band can play.

November 12, 2015


Thank you for the Kind thoughts everyone.

Happy Veterans' Day to all my veteran brothers and sisters.

Anyway, Listen to this fantastic song. It made my day better.

November 10, 2015

Metronomes are less predictable than Red State - Missouri Tigers edition

Of course it's proof that those people are lazy liberals.

Everything is always proof that THOSE people are whatever insulting stereotype republicans want to push.


Theses are the folks that keep me firmly in the Democratic Party.


November 4, 2015

This groove is unstoppable

Smooth and powerful

November 4, 2015

Michael Jackson on koto, shakuhachi and junanagen.

Side note, the name of the flute is also slang for oral.

October 29, 2015

100th post. 1st in GD-P

Any Hillary or O'Malley supporters still reading or posting in GD Primaries? It seems very homogenous lately.
I figure to just hang out in Music Appreciation and Veteran's Issues until the convention, but I am a curious Polack.
I know Bravenak is still out there swinging. (Welcome back BRAVENAK! Glad you chose to return)

October 16, 2015

This is genius trolling

Cubs - Cards is a friendly rivalry to be sure and this is probably the best friendly trolling I've ever heard tell of.
Well Played @ClueHeywood. Very nicely done.

I love the Cardinals and had a great time watching them win 100 games in an injury plagued season.
It hurt me to see them play sloppy lethargic baseball for the last 3 weeks of the season and into the playoffs.
As we all know they ran into a talented and motivated young Cubs team that took us out in 4 games, but it seemed they just ran out of gas and luck at the same time.
Just the opposite was going on for the Cubbies though.


September 30, 2015

Just a much needed reminder

That just because we agree with powerful people on some issues, that doesn't mean that they are allies in any true sense.
The Pope is trying to lead the church in such a way that it retains its power and influence in the future.
The dogma is unchanged.
So, he gives soft words to those who believe that all humans are equal "Who am I to judge?" to lessen their opposition to his power. Those words get mixed with strong signals to the reactionaries he needs to support, or at least not oppose, his agenda in other areas.
He is still in charge of the worlds oldest child abuse factory and has not made any REAL attempts to root out that evil.
His church's position is still explicit in stating that woman are less than men and do not deserve agency in their own body.
He is just a softer glove on the same iron fist

September 29, 2015

More Pokey

- Just 'cause I'm on a Pokey kick lately

September 29, 2015

From an article posted by a Right wing Facebook friend

Copied and pasted without editing:

President Barack Hussein Obama’s veritable mini-me, teen con-artist Ahmed Mohamed, must be taking notes from his ostensible mentor, because last Friday, he showed up at the United Nations General Assembly in NYC and met up with Turkey’s Islamist Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu for a very sinister Obama-esque reason.

“My dream is to raise consciousness against racism and discrimination,” the Texas teen said to reporters at a press event, according to the Hürriyet Daily News.

Close quote. From the Conservative Tribune.

I no longer believe that we live in the same world

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