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The Polack MSgt

The Polack MSgt's Journal
The Polack MSgt's Journal
April 22, 2024

Cat Clyde This is just the latest Cat thread because she continues to freaking shine.


As long as I'm posting about her anyway, I may as well remind all of you why I love this artist


Well played clever chords, expressive vocals, and a song writer delivering clever wordplay with emotional impact.

Also - she can channel Patsy like no one's business

April 19, 2024

Sad to see Dickey Betts pass. Everyone on DU MA knows I love the ABB - I also loved Dickey's solo work

Goodbye Mr. Betts


What a damn stud

We will always love the melodies. We will always judge ourselves playing along to this song

April 18, 2024

Well a BIG storm with rotating wind as well as 55 MPH strait line winds headed my way.

1 observed tornado in St Claire County.

Weather guy says to be in the storm shelter in 8 minutes.


April 15, 2024

Norman Watt Roy - The bass monster you never heard of.

I mean, you've heard his work...


He was a London session player, but he was also a bandmate to some cool artists, like Ian Drury


While touring with The Blockheads, Norman became friends with the guitarist Wilko Johnson, and they played together until Wilko's passing in November of 22


Here they are playing together at Ian's last performance. Sadly, Ian died 17 days after this show. Yes, Norman was working that vampire chic thing, I blame the cocaine


He was in demand as a studio ace. I mean Roger could get anyone he wanted.



April 13, 2024

Who believed that the Lee Greenwood Bible TFG endorsed

Is a guality product worth the money?


Well, try to contain your shocked disappointment

It's a trash book probably printed in China worth 15 bucks


April 11, 2024

A perfect Circle - Because there was just too much Maynard and it needed channeled.

Weak and Powerless is a piece of genius. The song craft is just stunning.


These guys were a rare collection of genuine musicians.

April 4, 2024

John Mayall never hired a bad guitarist. Carolyn Wonderland is no exception


Here she is with John Mayal's Bluesbreakers

April 1, 2024

Curtis Salgado. I know what I like, and this guy traffics in those things

I doubt this music will surprise anyone.



March 28, 2024

Robert Cray party. Everyone is invited.


I don't feel he's been properly respected.


Can't for the life of me understand why he isn't HUGE he's been great for 4 decades.

I personally like when he has a big band


But I totally get it if you prefer the Spicy 4-piece set.


I think Robert Cray deserves more respect. He's been killing it forever.


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61-year-old Polish/Irish retired USAF dude. Married to my lovely young bride for 36 years and counting. A loudly blue vet in rural Illinois.
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