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The Polack MSgt

The Polack MSgt's Journal
The Polack MSgt's Journal
March 27, 2024

Judge in New York hush money case places limited gag order on Trump

Asked why it was a limited gag order he said, "Best I can do. You can't really gag a MAGAt"

March 26, 2024

I figure that if you like Wilco or The Temperence Union, you may like MJ Lenderman too


Perhaps you heard him with Waxahatchee.

March 23, 2024

Rhiannon Giddons

I love this song like a long lost friend.

March 20, 2024

Black Joe Louis and the Honey Bears. It's on my evening playlist

Starting off with "I'm Broke"


Look, rather than search and choose, just check these guys on KEXP

March 18, 2024

Going forward, I will be less present here than I have been. I was just counseled about posting during duty hours...

Maybe you remember my post with the message from President Biden on March 8th:


I posted it from my work computer during a break in the action, between a meeting and a teleconference in fact. However, it was flagged as inappropriate use of government resources (My work computer, and DOD bandwidth).

Well, I can't argue that they're wrong.

I was using both those things to post it.

So, I will not be on DU during my workdays, not even to post a lunch break playlist.

I'm not here to bitch that the deep state is against me, or to claim that my rights are somehow being violated.

That's the shit MAGA does.

Simply put, I thought my computer usage was within policy, but I was wrong.

So, if there are gaps in my responses, it's probably because I just don't like any of ya and I'm giving you the cold shoulder.

Or maybe I'm at work.


March 14, 2024

Tommy Edmon's wrist is not healing as quickly as was expected. What a shock. Cardinals' medical staff are clowns

Who constantly misstate the severity of injuries and under estimate recovery times.

But that is a topic for a different post. Let's rather talk about Victor Scott II.


Center fielder Vic Scott in 2 minor league season moved up from 29th Cardinal prospect to the 4th.

In 163 pro games (Not including Arizona Winter Ball) he's been PHENOMENAL;

These are his back of the basebll card stats:

Avg.290, 11 homers, 24 doubles, 14 triples, 75 RBIs and 107 stolen bases (in 124 tries).

That would be a pretty good year at any level and he did it going form rookie to Low A to High A to AA over 2 seasons

In the Arizona Fall league he hit .286 with .388 on-base percentage, three homers, two doubles, eight RBIs and 18 stolen bases in 21 attempts over 23 games with the Scottsdale Scorpions

In spring training this year, he's hitting almost .370 has 2 homeruns & a triple while making catchers look silly on the base paths.

And he's catching everything from left center to right center, scouts rate his speed as an 80 - His range is crazy.

Oh yeah, 1 other thing is going on in Spring Training.
That is that Cardinal Outfielders are getting injured (Edmon, Nootbar) or are flat out sucking in one facet of there game.
That would defense for Alec Burlesan and Jordan Walker and hitting for Dylan Carlson.

Quick aside about Dylan Carlson.

He should be a platoon corner outfielder. In his Cardinals tenure he's been a slightly better than average CF glove who cannot hit lefties worth a damn. This spring he isn't hitting anything - His recent "Hot Streak" has brough his average up to .222.

Just a week ago, I didn't think that there was any chance Vic was breaking camp with the big team, now I think he HAS TO

March 11, 2024

Today's lunch soundtrack starts with the King. King Curtis


Followed up by Prince, but not that one. Prince Royce is Latin royalty. I love this melody and the production is stellar.


Not going to take a left turn to try and fake you out for the Duke. It's Duke Ellington


Earl Klugh is next.


This is Baroness, who I just found while searching for artists with royal names.
So, unlike the other artists, I don't know them. Evidently a Prog Rock/Electronica outfit. This one is probably the most conventional of the half dozen or so songs I sampled. Hope to learn more about them, and if I like what I find you know I'll do an OP later.


March 11, 2024

Posted this as a reply to a reply on an earlier thread. But I figure it needs to be an OP

The premise was that Blondie's "Rapture" was the 1st Rap single. It was not. It was the 1st rap song to chart. In my mind an important distinction.

I don't aim to minimize that record or to disrespect Blondie, but calling "Rapture" the 1st Rap record simply isn't accurate

Fatback released 'King Tim III (Personality Jock).' in 1979, though it didn't get much attention.

Nonetheless, it is the first rap song released on a major mainstream record label.


Everyone who was roller-skating back in 79-80 thinks that The Sugarhill Gang's "Rappers Delight" was 1st. They're wrong, it came out months after Fatback's rap single - but it was a jam.


That is the beginning of Rap, but Hip hop (a DJ mixing beats and riffs from various records to keep a groove going) started with DJ Cool Herc in NY back in 72.


The MC rhyming, the rap, was last piece to be put in place.

I'm The Polack MSgt, thanks for coming to my TED Talk
March 8, 2024

I came into work this morning and had a message from President Biden in my in box

Wasn't addressed to me alone obviously. I work for the DOD and President Biden sent it to all Federal employees.

Never have I seen this type of thing - not in preperation for the SOTU - and very rarely for any reason at all to be honest. To put a time frame on that "Never have I ever" I was active duty from april 1982 until October 2005 and have worked at USTRANSCOM since 2006.

That is a fair chunk of time.

I don't know how to share a PDF or even a saved image of that letter, so I extracted the text of the letter.

As I prepare to deliver my State of the Union address tonight, I want to thank all of you-the
devoted members of the federal workforce-for your tireless service on behalf of our country.

Across our Nation and around the world, you are on the frontlines of making our democracy work for the American people. You keep them, our environment, and our communities healthy and safe. You connect folks with life-saving and life-changing services. And you make sure the promises of America-equality, justice, and opportunity-are in reach for everyone. Whether you are new to the federal workforce or have served for years or decades, you are upholding our values and proving that our Government of, by, and for the people is delivering for the public and making a difference they can see and feel in their own lives. Each day, you remind us that, here in America, there is nothing beyond our capacity when we do it together.

Your talents could have taken you many places, but you chose to serve our country. I am grateful that you are using your abilities to improve the lives of everyone across America. And to your loved ones, who stand by your side through it all: Thank you for your continued service as well. The progress we brought forth would not have been possible without you.

As we look ahead to the incredible possibilities of the future, know that I remain committed to doing everything I can to ensure that you have all the tools and resources that you need to keep serving the public effectively. I have never been more optimistic about the prospects of our great Nation-in part because of your dedication to the people and country we love. Know that your President has your back.

Quite a different tone than the other side who paint us as practically demonic forces of the "Deep State", as hopelessly corrupt, or at best - AT BEST, incompetent & lazy.

I know he had a staffer draw it up, I get that part.

I am in a staff function myself and frequently send documents through the admin process that are eventually published over a General or Flag Officer's signature.

So yeah I get it, but the decision to draft this letter and the message it conveys are his, and I appreciate the effort these types of gestures entail.

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