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The Polack MSgt

The Polack MSgt's Journal
The Polack MSgt's Journal
March 6, 2024

Just more proof that Republicans are scum that look out for the best interests of scum

Missourri Governor Parsons commutes the sentence of a DUI offender who crippled a 5 year old girl.

But it's ok, after all, he was a coach for the Chiefs and son of the Head Coach/Parsons supporter Andy Reid, so fuck that little girl and her family. Fuck the court system too.

Parsons tried to slide it in with a bunch of other pardons and commutations he's doing at the end of his term (he's term limted) and never informed the victim's family or the Prosecutors.

This is the same man who let 2 men, known to be innocent, languish in prison until their convictions were finally overturned and the men exonerated. Quick, guess the races involved, should be easy...


March 5, 2024

Anyone else have a favorite Schoolhouse rock cartoon?

One of my younger co-workers told me that his 3rd grade teacher showed them in class. I'm old enough that I saw them between cartoons on Saturday mornings.

I mean I have a couple, "Conjunction Junction" is a classic and so is "I'm Just a Bill" but the 2 I like best are "Naughty Number Nine" which, I suspect they pulled from the rotation because of all the smoking


And "Interjections!" because it's a catchy ass tune

March 5, 2024

As Long as I can See The Light

1st up the incomparable Dolly Parton, plus that one dude...


Miko Marks with an absolute banger - Running that telecaster through a Leslie Cabinet is especially superb.


Rival Sons


March 5, 2024

Still a bit stuck on Billy. Here's some other old Billy Joel songs I like.

Captain Jack. First time I heard the album version was an eye opener.


Street Life Serenade had some true classics. On a side note, I think Styx stole this song's synth riff


Ok, it's the late 70s. If you remember it, let's think back. Shit was changing on FM radio. The Talking Heads, Blondie and especially the Cars were reshaping what popular music was.

A few years later (Looking at you 83) it turned to a pile of shit, but for a while "New Wave" was a thing.

Bill did a solid take on it with this song from Glass Houses.


Not really an old Billy Joel song - It was his most recent hit after all. Except that 1993 was a long damn time ago


Ok If anyone made it this far, 1st of all, thank you for your patience, and finally - My all-time favorite Billy Joel song. From Turnstiles, "Summer Highland Falls"


March 2, 2024

Today's post is very Cedric centric.

3 from Cedric Watson



Gourd Banjo


2 from Cedric Burnside



March 1, 2024

Fantastic article by Rhiannon Giddens. Also, a song, because I always include songs.


What is country music? Who is allowed to play it? Whenever a Black artist puts out a country song the judgment, comments, and opinions come thick and fast. “That’s not real country!” “That’s cultural appropriation.” “She needs to stay in her lane.” Or, as Dukes of Hazzard actor John Schneider so charmingly stated in a discussion earlier this month: “You know, every dog has to mark every tree, right?”

In four days after release, Beyoncé’s latest song, Texas Hold ‘Em, was streamed 19.2m times and downloaded 39,000 times in the US.

All of these comments, which range from simply ignorant to downright misogynoir, presuppose that commercial country music – a music of guitars, banjos, and fiddles; of pick-up trucks, heartbreak and that down-home lonesome sound – is a legacy that belongs only to white, rural southerners. And that supposition is just plain wrong.

Real history is messy and complicated. To get to the truth we need to rewind back to centuries before Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash – to the music created by enslaved people and a recording industry set upon segregation. Enslaved people of the African diaspora created the banjo in the Caribbean in the 1600s. This is historical fact. They also played other stringed instruments (such as the violin) and, whether enslaved or free, Black string bands became the de facto entertainment and dance bands of European societies from Barbados to Monticello to Rhode Island; from balls to banquets to political rallies. These musicians mixed with poor people of all colors and ethnicities who brought their own musical traditions into the mix over generations to create a truly American folk music.

Rhiannon is best known for her Folk/Americana work starting with the Carolina Chocolate Drops.

I picked a song that's completely different than that.

February 29, 2024

Tragically Hip - I am in that mood. This OP is just old TTH Rock Songs, & by that I mean, just the first 4 albums.

Starting with the classic "Little Bones"


Going backwards in time, the next song is, "New Orleans is Sinking."

I can't even explain why this song clicks with me so much. It does though. Trust me, it's so damn great.

Daredevil. "You say your name like you're no longer convinced."

If you're a fan of Meta content, have I got a treat for you. This a song is about stripping, and it's now a staple at any of the Ontario Peninsula Men's Ballet venues.

Hope you dig these guys.

February 26, 2024

What's in my headphones during lunch today? It's Anthony Hamilton

Possibly the best male R&B vocalist of the 21st Century


This is the song that hooked me, back when he performed it on the Chappele Show

Sure he has that Neo-Soul vibe, but what about a lushly produced 70 style sad R&B love song? Well...

Ok, I gotta close out strong here. Need aparty starter? Got one for ya.

February 25, 2024

I want to do a post about Billy Joel. I have been a fan almost all my life. That's partly an accident of time, I'm 61

And I became aware of music during Bill's Prime.
The fact that Elton john was big back then helps too.
Piano is a support instrument in popular music now, but between Billy, Elton and Supertramp, it was the lead instrument for plenty of hits back in the 70s through the early 80s
Like this one here:


Let's not forget thet Billy was a bad bad man as well, which is one reason I still prattle on about him.

I mean JFC listen to the man sing and play. He plays counter to his vocals like it's no big thing. Except it is a thing.


Of course this song remains my Billy Joel gold standard song


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