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Feeling the Bern

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Member since: Mon Jul 6, 2015, 01:46 PM
Number of posts: 3,839

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Principle before party is my belief. Lifelong Democrat, but I have no tolerance for blue dogs, tepid centrists, or weak Democrats that feel apologetic to Republicans. The way to win a political war is to fight the enemy using their tactics against them.

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I have been commissioned to write a horror movie by my production company

Damn, this is amazing. When it rains it pours.

Most writers do not get this much work. I've gotten three writing assignments since November.

The horror movie is based on the Chinese City of Ghosts and the mythological Gate to Hell. Today it's a tourist trap called Fengdu. Back in the Han Dynasty, it was the city of Diyu (pronounced D-U, nice huh) on Tai Shan.

It revolves around a documentary crew looking for the ancient city, but not realizing that the soul of a Han Dynasty consort and the Han Dynasty prince that murdered her wander the ground as their souls are not at rest. One is corpse candle (similar to Kayako Saeki) and the murderer is similar to a Banshee.

I'm 25 pages into it after one day. I figure I'll have the first draft done by Sunday.

I am cross posting this in the Asian group because of the Chinese theme.
Posted by Feeling the Bern | Thu Feb 11, 2016, 09:23 AM (6 replies)

Top ten groups of people that piss me off so much I only see red

My wife tells me I have a problem with people. I don’t. I love people. I hate assholes. I have an asshole problem. Below are the top ten things that set me off from zero to boom in three seconds. I’m sure you have the same issues and same beliefs.

10. People cutting in line
Look, I can wait in line. Really, I can. I am very patient waiting in line, so long as there isn’t an argument over something stupid (more on that later). But what sets me off completely is when some douchey little turd decides they need to be before me. In China, this happens all the time at train stations queues. Some asshole will walk right to the front, talk to the clerk and then weasel their way in to get their tickets. I hit the roof and start scream “back of the line, asswipe.”

09. Clerks doing stupid shit
There are three things here that make me explode:
A: Clerks that let people jump in line: Look, how hard is it to say “Excuse me, this gentleman was first. Please wait your turn.” That would save a huge problem and takes less than five seconds to say.
B: Clerks that ignore the customer because they have better things to do: Example just happened. I am standing four five minutes waiting for a clerk to acknowledge me but they ignore me so they can talk to their friend. The other is when I get their supervisors making excuses for them and then getting angry when I refuse to accept their pissant excuse.
C: Clerks that assume I know things about a place I’ve never been to in life; Communication is good in business. Remember, I am giving you money. If I ask you something, don’t assume I know the answer. Be polite and answer it. And if I make a mistake, don’t give me an attitude. I almost collapsed the skull of a waiter in TGI Friday’s for doing that to me.

08. Parents who do not shut up their yammering spawn of Hell.
On the train, bus, plane or in the restaurant, there is nothing more “nails on a chalkboard” than a little brat either screaming at the top of their lungs or a baby crying and the parents ignoring it. Look, teach your little brat that children are to be seen and not heard. Let me have five minutes with the Demon Spawn and I’ll show you how to be a parent.

07. College dropouts who think they know more than I do about everything
Look, ignorant people. Just because you saw something on Fox News doesn’t mean you’re a damn expert. Someone spend three hours listening to Fatboy Limbaugh and now they are experts on politics, economics and sociology. Meanwhile, my college education is meaningless in their eyes. I’m an elitist. I’d rather be an elitist than a douchebag.

06. People who argue over a price they cannot change
Back to China and the train station. Ticket prices are set. Whining that you want to pay less isn’t going to make it happen. Look, skeezix, pay for your ticket and get out of the way. No, dorko in the “getting ready for the flood” pants is going to bitch and moan about the price, pissing me off and making me late.

05. Foreigners who come to my country to shit on it
This really pisses me off. I hate it when foreigners say “well, back in my country. . .” I don’t do that. I’m not in the US. This is an illogical argument. I moved to China, I needed to learn Chinese. But, foreigners move to mine and will shit on what my country is, my culture and claim that if we make them learn English, we’re robbing them of their rich cultural heritage. Looks, dumbo, you gave that crap up when you left your third world shit farm. But if an American goes to their country, we have to give up everything we are immediately, learn their language and not shit on anything their country does. After all, it’s “our way, our culture, our traditions and if you don’t like it, you’re a guest and you need to go home.” That’s the ultimate in sophistry.

04. Anyone who looks for reasons to say no
Instead of looking for every shallow reason to say no, look for reasons to say yes and overcome the reasons to say no. I ran into this for 18 years in Hollywood. Hollywood is the only place where you can go to work at 9:00, read your emails, say no to everything and be done with your day’s work by 9:30.

03. Shallow, superficial people
“You’re not my type” “We’re just good friends.” “You’re a nice guy, but. . .” Go eat a bag of dicks.

02. Bald faced liars and hypocrites
Do I need to explain this? I trust a thief more than I trust a liar.

01. The “Nongmin” philosophy
Nongmin means “farmer” in China. It is foreigner slang for the average, low class Chinese person stuck in their narrow, xenophobic, ignorant and jingoistic ways. In the US, we call these people Trump supporters, fundamentalist wack jobs of all stripes, PC liberal campus pricks and most flag waving, “America: World Police” type idiots. For every educated, intelligent person, there are 1,000 nongs out there. And just because you have an education doesn’t mean you aren’t a nong. Michael Savage and Jerome Corsi have PhDs and they are nongs.
Posted by Feeling the Bern | Thu Feb 11, 2016, 05:50 AM (35 replies)

Classy HRC supporter just called Bernie the ""Fuhrer" and his supporters "robots"

And the meme going around is Bernie supporters are classless.

No one called HRC anything like that. To call a Jew the same thing the Nazis called their leader.


Posted by Feeling the Bern | Wed Feb 10, 2016, 11:57 AM (32 replies)

I was always told that as people get older, they get more conservative. What happened to me?

I just turned 38 three weeks ago and I am looking at myself.

I think I am more liberal now than I was 20 years ago. Now that I am becoming a successful screenwriter and producer, I should be getting more and more conservative. In a few weeks time, I will become a millionaire on the sale of three screenplays and have a back end deal for 5% of the movie at the box office.

I am becoming exactly what a Republican wants and a conservative is. What happened? I am even more liberal now with an even bigger social conscience.

Now that I will have the means to do what I can, I can't bring myself to hoard. I will put away for my family and my children, but I have so many projects planned (building school libraries, funding arts and humanities departments, my wife is planning to work at World Hunger Year and my pet charity, the Innocence Project).

Aren't I supposed to not care anymore because I got mine? If so, why can't I do it in good conscience?
Posted by Feeling the Bern | Wed Feb 10, 2016, 09:22 AM (68 replies)

Update on my break in Hollywood. . .things are looking really good!

Three movies are in pre-production, a comedy, an action adventure and a period piece on the Rape of Nanking.

One is in development (one everyone at DU will probably go see, as I tackle George Stinney). One under consideration (a human trafficking action thriller).

Got my newest writing assignment today. A horror movie based on a Buddhist mythology.

This is six since December. This validates everything I thought for a long time about my writing. I am a damn good writer and now it's all coming into play.

The production company hired me on as a film executive and producer as well as a screenwriter!

DU, when I get more info, I will let you know. When they come out, I hope DU can help support one of your (newer) loyal members!
Posted by Feeling the Bern | Wed Feb 10, 2016, 03:47 AM (15 replies)

Handy, easy to use GOP Rape-O-Meter. How raped were you?

Posted by Feeling the Bern | Tue Feb 9, 2016, 10:34 PM (0 replies)

More Good Cops: Flint Police Lie To People Saying They're Bringing Water Filters Then Arresting Them

Police in Flint Michigan have been preying on people’s hopes for clean water, by showing up with filters, then arresting people who have outstanding warrants.

The Genesee County Health Department declared a public health emergency for the City of Flint. They told residents that they should immediately stop drinking the city’s tap water due to the high levels of lead that had been coloring the water a ruddy orange.

It was another two months before the mayor of Flint declared a state of emergency. The mayor explained that all of this was due to the city’s pipes leaching lead, and the water was unsafe to drink for the foreseeable future.

Since then, the National Guard began distributing of bottled water to Flint residents. The state had received the bottled water a full year earlier, but they didn’t start handing them out until this January.

Worthless pigs serving their political and corporate masters
Posted by Feeling the Bern | Sun Feb 7, 2016, 06:25 AM (11 replies)

The following six people you may be seeing in ads, in music or on TV soon

I am a creative executive for a Hollywood production company with two subsidiary offices in Hong Kong and one soon in Shanghai.

The following are singers, actresses and dancers we are recruiting (well, I'm doing all the work).

Singer and dancer from Kunming, Yunnan

Singer, dancer and actor from Xiangyang, Hubei

Actress, model from Hefei, Anhui

Actress, model from Guangzhou, Guangdong (and a very good friend of mine for five years)

Dancer, actress, model from Suzhou, Jiangsu (and a very good friend of mine for three years)

Actor, Stuntman from Beijing (and the brother of the woman above)

We are looking to bring East and Southeast Asian culture to the world, one person, one album and one movie at a time.

Sometimes, it's fun to live in Asia.

And I can't leave out the best one of the bunch, because she agreed to marry me. 我爱你,亲爱的.
Posted by Feeling the Bern | Sun Feb 7, 2016, 03:26 AM (1 replies)

I have to wonder why this is such a Japanese-centric group

I feel weird posting Chinese things here because most everything revolves around Japan.
Posted by Feeling the Bern | Sun Feb 7, 2016, 03:15 AM (7 replies)

Langston Hughes - Kids Who Die - spoken by Danny Glover

One of my literary heroes in life and a huge inspiration for my writing. Probably one of the biggest reasons I am a writer.

I love you, Langston Hughes.

Posted by Feeling the Bern | Sun Feb 7, 2016, 02:38 AM (0 replies)
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