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Clinton to call for 'clawback' of tax benefits for outsourcing companies

Under the proposal, the benefits that would be rescinded for companies that outsource would include the research and development tax credit and the domestic production deduction. The claw-back would apply for several previous years and in cases where companies received relief for facilities and jobs that they subsequently moved abroad, the aide said.

While the claw-back is a new approach at the federal level, several states now have or have considered proposals that would rescind incentives for companies that move production out of their jurisdictions, according to the aide.


a question about primary material not being kept in gd:p

posters are using the video and multimedia forum to circumvent what you said about primary material (see below)

Star Member Skinner (61,171 posts)
1. I tend to think that anything related to the primary belongs in GD: Primaries.

when i alerted on primary material being being in the v&m forum i was told this by a moderator

"Unfortunately our hands as Hosts are tied on the matter. Since the forum Statement of Purpose doesn't specifically exclude Primary videos we cannot lock them for being in the wrong forum. I understand where you're coming from. All I can say is I hope the primaries are over soon!"

i am hoping you can clarify this discrepancy - it is my understanding that all primary stuff should be posted in gd:p i would have thought that what you said about primary material would pertain to all forums. can you please clear this up

thanks for your time

well lookie here mitch wrote for the kentucky law review in 1970 about scotus picks

Mitch McConnell, Feb. 13, 2016: “The American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court justice. Therefore, this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president.”

Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Law Journal, Vol. 59, 1970: “The Senate should discount the philosophy of the nominee. […] The president is presumably elected by the people to carry out a program and altering the ideological directions of the Supreme Court would seem to be a perfectly legitimate part of a Presidential platform.”



i cant imagine who did it or why but thank-you for the heart

this article "the national debt graph by president" that explains how the debt got where it is

according to the writer -

So we will ask, “What if Reagan and the Bushes had balanced their own budgets?” And what if Clinton and Obama had taxed the same and spent the same as they actually did?

The answer is that the National Debt would now be lower by $13.5 trillion! So that’s the Republican National Debt — according to their own standard of balanced budgets.

It’s quite easy to check these calculations (see this spreadsheet). They go like this: When Reagan took office the debt was $1 trillion. When he left it was $2.86 trillion. So $1.86 trillion for him. Then Bush-I added $1.55 trillion. Total so far: $3.4 trillion. Then Clinton took over.

Now the national debt is like a mortgage, and so the bigger it is, the more interest must be paid on it. Without the extra Reagan-Bush $3.4 trillion, there would have been a few hundred billion less in interest on the debt every year under Clinton. That interest adds another $2.3 trillion to the Reagan-Bush debt. Then Bush II increased it by $6.1 trillion to $11.8 trillion. And interest on that has been increasing the debt under Obama. The total Reagan-Bushes debt is now $13.5 trillion.


there's more at the link --

norman goldman sugested the pro-bernie crowd and the pro-hillary crowd compromise and vote for

martin O'Malley

I thought it was funny


1st hour free and commercial free

disclaimer I receive nothing in the way of any compensation in any form from norman goldman. I just like his program

McConnell presses Dems on Obama water rule veto

The Senate is expected to take a procedural vote Thursday morning on the veto override of the Clean Water, or "Waters of the United States," rule. The veto resolution originally passed the Senate under the Congressional Review Act with 53 votes.

McConnell added that Obama's veto showed two things, that the president "apparently stands with Washington bureaucrats on this issue, not the American people" and that he "thinks Americans' clean water rules should be based on Washington politics."

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation extends the administration's oversight of small bodies of water, including streams and wetlands.


anyone know if this has happened?

L.A. Times Disowns Reporter (Ken Dilanian )Outed as a CIA Collaborator

Ken Dilanian

Now, it is not uncommon for national security reporters to vet facts with government functionaries, but the emails indicate Dilanian went much further than that, not only sharing stories prior to publication (a big no-no in almost every newsroom) but he also entered into discussions about how the CIA could bend public opinion of drone strikes their way.

On at least one occasion he re-wrote a lede as per their dictates. He also reported as fact, in the pages of the Los Angeles Times, a CIA claim that there was no collateral murder in a 2012 drone strike on Al Qaeda leader Abu Yahya al-Libi. An Amnesty International report disputes that sanitized version of events, citing eyewitnesses that claim upwards of 15 people, including Afghan tribesmen unaffiliated with Al Qaeda, were killed in the drone strike. Obviously, a drone strike that only kills the bad guys is much more palatable to the American people than a drone strike that kills 15. But that's not journalism, that's propaganda.

what constitues pimary material iow what posts about the primary candidates are considered

to belong in gd:primaries. people are starting to post their digs at each others candidate in the gd forum. people like me trashed the primary forum cause we dont want to see the attempted tearing apart of our candidates?
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