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Gender: Female
Hometown: Florida
Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Sep 19, 2015, 06:45 PM
Number of posts: 915

Journal Archives

tRump should be locked up in jail.

if there is any truth to his breaking the law.

Hillary not being higher in the polls shows the stupidty of voters - not a problem

with the candidate.

trump appears to have broken laws, not released his tax returns, has lived a life almost all his supporters will never be privileged enough to enjoy, attacked people of various ethnicities, bribed officials, lied about birtherism, lied, lied, lied.

and yet innuendo against the Clinton Foundation, which is above all helping millions of people convinced between 5- 7% of the voters to switch to slimy Donald? 20% of the electorate are a lost, right wing loving, cause who would vote for hitler. But the others? They are incredibly stupid and ignorant.

Stop watching idiots like jimmy fallon - unforgiveable not asking trump about

serious issues

gloria borger is a stupid right wing shrill. i change the station as soon as she comes on.

i tried watching cnn last night - gave up after 30 seconds when i noticed the pro trump

propaganda and the stupid questions on don lemon's show from his so called expert panel.

Stop watching cable news - especially right wing cronies like anderson cooper - they don't

deserve to be on the air.

I'm still giving Don lemon a chance but lately he's become Anderson cooperish - a right wing shrill.

So trump looked into the Mexican President's eyes and wimped out of his founding

promise of Mexico paying for the wall.

trump has shown himself to be a coward over and over again.

Can somone ask Obama to let Don Siegelman out of jail and stop this

disgusting injustice perpetrated by karl rove?

let's do this!!

Quick - let's build a wall so trump can't get back from Mexico - and his kids will pay for it.

anderson cooper needs to go - everyone should stop watching his show. He is a right wing shrill

incredibly slow witted and allows republicans to get away with lies and lies.

just stop watching his show so maybe we could get a real journalist on.

Don Lemon is much better - for now - but he too is softening.
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