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Gender: Female
Hometown: Florida
Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Sep 19, 2015, 06:45 PM
Number of posts: 915

Journal Archives

Comey's poentially illegal letter to Congress SHOULD mobilize the left to get out and vote Hillary

We need to stop the right wing from destroying Democracy. They stole it in 2000 from Al Gore (who could have potentially stopped 911 from happening). Now we are watching trump idiots say that Al Gore was wrong - instead of recognizing Gore for the patriot he was.

Most of the media are lapdogs for conman trump - it's only when his lies and actions

are so awful that they can't help but call him out. Then, at the first sign that they can pick up on anything to attack Hillary - they do.

Hillary is winning despite the combined attempt of the mainstream media to get conman trump elected.

When will the voters say NO to the republican lies. There is no choice - vote Democratic for the house, senate, and POTUS - and protect the country again.

trump can only win IF the system is fixed.

there is no way he can win enough votes fairly.

a majority of the population has already been offended by him.

trump is a loser who wants to turn American into a bunch of bankrupt choked losers like him

mccain tipped his hand: Democrats need to win the Senate, House, and Presidency

to get anything done.

He admitted that they would filibuster any Supreme Court nominee from a Democratic President. I would venture the same will be true about healthcare, climate change, and the budget.

Regardless of how high Hillary's polls go, we need to win all three levels of government OR phase more republican obstruction.

McCain ADMITTEDS THIS publicly. His stupid words should energize ALL of us to get out there and to vote and WIN big.

i have to wonder how much guilliani is bieng paid for trump to make himself a complete asswipe

the way he is.

For the nation: Trump and the republicans have to lose badly in the election - GOTV

that will send a message that the hate-filled campaign of trump was not acceptable and another one should never be allowed.

It's not okay to just win, we have to win BIG.

The republicans have to lose the house and the senate badly. they need to lose all the governerships in play.

trump has to lose some red states and lose about 150 or more points in the electoral college and with over 10% in the popular support.

Get out the vote!

Through Trump - Republicans show how unqualified they are to run the country

The Trump disaster is what the republicans will do to the economy, the environment, families, everything. They can't even get a decent candidate to run - how can they be trusted with anything that affects the rest of us?

republicans and conservatives have always been a dangerous joke. They are terrible on the economy, defense, law and order, justice, everything. trump is living proof of their incompetence.
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