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GulfCoast66's Journal
GulfCoast66's Journal
May 27, 2021

I generally don't like the 'I had something happened today' posts because so many are just BS.

But today I did. I hope I have enough cred here to be believed.

Last night I cooked a very French meal so tonight wanted to cook something totally different and went to the Lotte Market in Orlando. Highway 50 and John Young Parkway if you live nearby. It’s a great Asian supermarket it you have one near you need to go.

I was in line to pay and a gentleman behind me started talking about how bad a state we are in. They can’t get construction supplies where he works. Then moved on explaining the largest threats to the world; Muslims, China and Russia. I just stared into his eyes. Then he added democrats! At that point I moved 3 feet towards him, stared in his eyes, and told him I am a Democrat. He was obviously nonplussed. Realize I’m a decent sized white guy wearing fishing themed clothes. Floridians will know what I mean. Long shorts, a Columbia Shirt and a cap. Admittedly, I looked like a republican, which I always do. Dude started stammering about how he is a registered democrat but voted for trump. Told him I would not vote for that SOB if the last man on earth. Then he told me trump would be back. I told him trump will be in prison.

Then I struck. I told him you need to study more. Every thing Congress has done to help the working man has been done by democrats.

And I’ve yet to mention he was an immigrant. Because we were wearing masks can’t say if he was Asian or Hispanic. But had a thick accent.

I guess he felt threatened because he left our line. The shortest line in the store because I only had around 8 items. Guess he felt uncomfortable.

Where I’m going here is it’s important to challenge these folks personally. I don’t doubt he gets all his info online. And has never had a good sized white guy he naturally assumed was on his side challenge his Bullshit.

There was more said but this OP is already too long.

May 15, 2021

Trying to manage a pandemic in the US is a lose-lose situation.

I’ve realized that our reaction to the new CDC order is greatly shaped by where we live. Here in Florida we have no mask mandates. Businesses are not penalized for failing to enforce distancing. That’s pretty recent since our governor struck down all local mandates. But in many red states has been that way from the git-go. So the only change the order brings is that those of us who have religiously followed the CDC recommendations and are vaccinated can ease up some. Fortunately I live in an area where masks are common.

But my point is about moving 2, 3 even 5 months into the future. We have 20-30% of Americans who will never get vaccinated. And they are not spread around equally. A few states will achieve a high enough rate to have herd immunity, whatever that means. But many states will never get much above 50% vaccinated because they are populated by people who seem to want to live in the Middle Ages.

So at some point the Biden Administration was faced with an awful decision. We can’t do what we are doing forever. The Americans who refuse to get the vaccine have been living their normal life from the beginning and don’t care one way or the other. But those who took the jab and are now safe are growing restless at the idea of changing their lifestyle to accommodate those who never have taken any precautions. That situation is not sustainable. Perhaps it should have been in June. Or July.

But regardless of when the call was made, the same DU debate would have occurred. Not enough people are vaccinated. But we will never have enough people vaccinated.

Sadly people will keep dying from Covid. And almost every one who dies will be people who refused the vaccine.

Like I said. A lose-lose situation.

May 2, 2021

So when do we cut out the anti vaccine idiots and start living our regular lives?

I have a science education and have always looked to data to drive my decisions. Which is why until the the wife and I were fully vaccinated we were super careful.

The numbers are starting to stack up. 100 million Americans vaccinated. Less than 10,000 Covid cases among them. Less than 150 deaths. Admittedly there are probably more who have it with no symptoms because vaccinated people are not really tested.

But if you are vaccinated and still afraid of going into public, you really should not drive on our roads. Because your chance of getting into a wreck or dying is way greater than you even getting Covid, much less dying from it. Way more likely.

Unless a new variant proves resistant to the vaccines, which obviously none currently are since we have them all in the US, once all Americans who want the vaccine have it I am done with masks and distancing. Until then I will continue to mask up and be separated. Which is really Kabuli theater since my risk is almost nonexistent. But I’ll be a team player.

The reason I made this post is political. If our Democratic leaders try to keep restrictions past the point where everyone, mainstream liberals, independents and covid conserved conservatives realize they are just being risk adverse it will damage us in future elections.

We all know conservatives, older, white evangelicals will never get the vaccine. And will keep dying from the virus. Fuck if I care.

I want to stress I’m still masking up, still distancing. But once no one is showing up to get the jab, I’m done.

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