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Jitter65's Journal
Jitter65's Journal
May 21, 2016

Hillary picks up three more supers.

Donna Christensen ?@DelegateDonna 11h11 hours ago Christiansted, Virgin Islands, U.S.
It was an honor & pleasure to have Bill in St. Croix. 3 more superdels signed on. #ImWithHer

And she didn't have to shout or wag a finger.

May 21, 2016

Remember all the money collected from big donors for HRC Victory Fund.

Guess how it is starting to be spent?

All across the board where GOP Senate races are being contested. And more will be going down ticket the closer we get to November and some of the "safe House seats" get cracks in there safety net.

This what true Dems do. Huge crowds and rallies are for TV and trashing your opponent. Small crowds and big donors are for getting the election won.

May 20, 2016

If anything was proven by the recent Airbus tragedy it is that no amount of bluster or threatening

can stop a "terrorist" or any sick sociopath from wreaking havoc and death if they really want to do it.
Trump's bluster about we have got to stop this and we are weak and we don't win and he will increase waterboarding and other forms torture is not an answer, it is mostly an invitation to more.

"Terrorism" morphs almost every day and it is more sophisticated but more simple than drone, bombs, and bluster. It is easy to predict that more attacks will occur...why wouldn't they. That doesn't make you a sage on the political stage. Any fool can predict there will be more. You won't be able to keep them out of your country either because they are already in place within every country. We don't know who they are and some of them have yet to recognize themselves as "terrorists." Ordinary people, pushed to their limits by hopelessness, racism, xenophobia, hate, bullying, all have the potential to become a "terrorist" at any time they feel they have reached their brink.

Being kind, thoughtful, having compassion, and love speech will do more to counter what we fear than any military plan or bluster.

And somewhat related to the seeds of terrorism is how leadership in those countries breeding terrorism is handled. Whether he means it or not and whether it comes from a place of true leadership ability or not, Trump said one thing yesterday that made sense to me. He would talk directly to N.Korea's Kim. This is the right move to me. We missed this boat when Bush was in office by not talking directly with Saddam after he asked for such a meeting. We are doing it now with Syria, we failed to do it in Libya. We were about to do it with Iran and if we want that deal to be sealed in positive reality Obama should speak directly to Iranian leadership.

All most dictatorial leaders of any country want is to be respected as the head of their respective states and considered a relevant part of world leadership. They want to FEEL legitimate and they want to APPEAR to be respected among their own people. The first answer to conflict is not more conflict but it should be talk.

Sure, there will be folks to scoff at you for even suggesting this because of foolish and unproductive pride. But Iran is a good example of a half-way attempt at something other than conflict. What keep the Saudi royal family on the throne is that they are accepted by the rest of world leadership. When that changes they too will become more belligerent and their subjects will too.

Scoff if you want to because what we have been doing by denigrating leaders we don't like is not now nor ever has worked and usually ends in costly and on-going conflict. Too bad Obama didn't follow through with his initial position on talking to Gaddafi. And I am a Hillary supporter and think she will make a much better President than Donald Trump...I think she has learned a lot about being belligerent just meet the fancy of the male machismo. I don't believe she will make the same mistakes she has in the past. I am with her.

May 20, 2016

Why should Hillary want votes from people who said they will never vote for her?

Yes, she doesn't need voters who aren't going to vote for her anyway.

May 19, 2016

Why should Hillary bow out now when she is winning? If she is indicted for anything isn't

that plenty of time for Bernie to step in win the election as he claims he can? What's rush? If there is not rush for Bernie to get out while losing, why should Hillary get out while winning? She hasn't been charged with anything except in the Trump court of his opinion and the opinion of his supporters and Bernie supporters.

May 19, 2016

So if Donald Trump keeps telling our enemies that we are weak and can't win anything,

should he be President? Isn't he inviting disaster and more attacks?

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