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Member since: Tue Jan 12, 2016, 08:06 AM
Number of posts: 3,089

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Proof that Thomas should never have been put on the SCOTUS

The man channels Scalia from the grave...Thomas doesn't have an original thought and is probably the least qualified person to have ever sat on the SCOTUS.

the SCOTUS decision today might clear the way for Kaine to be VP. He is pro-life but upholds Roe

It is his personal belief and he doesn't allow it to interfere with his political behavior. I like him for VP and I like Elizabeth to stay in the Senate and give them hell! She and Bernie in the Senate are going to be a powerful assist for President Clinton.

That new GEICO "Little Miss Muffet" ad needs to go. It really is offensive that the burglar is

in black and has black painted face. I object!!! And so should other GEICO customers!! Fired off letter to headquarters.

If, as the WP reports, that 81% of Sanders supporters have already move to support Hillary

and she is no higher in the polls than 5 points...we are in deep doc-doo!

If that is true, HRC should be leading Trump by 15-20 points...or, as the actual voting has appeared to prove, BS support was and is not as broad and deep as those rallies led us to believe.

They're back!! MSNBC...hope against hope that Trump is "changing." They are pulling for him.

Have to turn it off. Joe is just too obvious.

One disturbing trend about immigration issue.

We are focused on Muslims and Mexican thanks to Trump. But there is a really sad situation that I have noticed here in the DC metro area (MD,VA,DC nexus). A lot of the intolerant talk about Muslims, Mexicans is from relatively new EU immigrants themselves (especially in my neighborhood Corner Bakery). Russian, French mostly. I speak a little French and familiar with basic Russian. While they use mostly broken English to express their disgust and I can pick up on some of their native tongue lashings.

I am beginning to see a infiltration of fascist talk and attitudes at the local YMCA (a great gathering place for our immigrant population). As an example, early in the morning I swim at the Y. There is a group of early swimmers..mostly French, Russian and Croat (I know because they say so--most here within the last 5 years and my guess is mostly diplomats). All is well until a few African Americans or come into the pool. They all make snide remarks and vacate the pool and head to the hot tub. There are two Hispanic swimming instructors who hold classes for children in one of the pools. They all have avoided signing up their tots with them and have made one huge tot class for one of the white male instructors. When his class reached maximum they opted for later time classes.

I don't know, maybe I am being over sensitive but it leaves me feeling disturbed. I sure hope that the fascists-learners from abroad are not making our communities less tolerant. The area i live in has for the past 40 years has been very progressive and socially and economically diverse. I don't like the changes I am seeing.

I just really wonder how Bernie supporters feel when they watch Hillary's speech and her

compliments of him and his campaign and then watch how they responded when Bernie mentioned Hillary? It's not even about political correctness. It's about civility and decency.

North Dakota proves that caucuses are a blight on democracy. Shameful turnout.

But caucuses make it very difficult to GOTV. I hope the DNC does away with them.
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