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Jitter65's Journal
Jitter65's Journal
June 2, 2016

Constant trashing of Obama and the economy make it difficult for people to "feel" like things are

better. But everyone I have spoken to for the last two months say they are much better off than they were in late 2008-2009. Yet Trump and Bernie keep trashing the economy and making people feel that things have actually gotten worse. The malls, restaurants, beeches, airports, cruise ships, ball parks, sports stadiums, auto dealerships, realtor offices are crowded and doing moderate to maximum business. And for sure the high-priced entertainment concerts are always sold out. iPhones, and all things digitized and Internet linked are selling at record numbers.

Are people just lying to themselves because Obama is President and Hillary might be? Or is the constant trashing of the economy and the government successfully brainwashing millions of voters?

June 2, 2016

So Trump is going to hit Obama? Good. Obama by the numbers is not widely known among

many GOP because any improvement in the numbers has been kept from the masses of FOX and Limbaugh listeners and viewers. All Obama has to do is give numbers in 2008 vas the numbers now. There are many charts out there that show the numbers. And they can beat the GOP to presses showing unemployment and job losses actually due to trade vs actual numbers due to technology and automation. Losses in some states are the direct result of some jobs moving to other states (not widely known among the electorate). Crime stats and gun violence and gun deaths...number show deaths by guns (including suicides) exceeds auto deaths. States with no gun regulations show more per capita gun deaths than states with tougher gun regulations.

There is so much out there to use. The ads should be bombarding the air ways once Obama gets started.

June 2, 2016

Well today, I have to agree with Tom Friedman. Hillary should pay attention.

I think he nailed it.

CNN this morning. If you get a chance to view the segment do so.

June 2, 2016

Can someone please explain to me what Hillary said was a lie about Benghazi?

Why is the media allowed too portray what she said as an outright lie? During that fog of war a lot of people believed that the video was incendiary cause of the attack. It is what, after all, our own media was purporting. What she believed was a terrorist attack she couldn't say for sure at the time was true. And the reason for the attack is being made more important than the actual attack and its outcome.

June 2, 2016

When has there been a time in American history they there wasn't a 1% with most of the money?

When has there never been a huge income gap between ordinary workers, landed gentry or Wall Street? When has there been a time that bankers weren't crooked, greedy and wealthy? When has there been a time when poor whites and certainly blacks were not treated unfairly by our justice system?

That's why Bernie's original message made little sense to me. His focused changed to other issues when he found himself surrounded by some POC.

We need to focus on getting rid of Citizens United, voting rights, bringing law enforcement under control, and raising the minimum wage, and getting funding for early childhood education and child care, veterans health and help, and getting more seats in the House and Senate. Wall Street and bankers are not the as important as the issues that touch people's daily lives.

June 1, 2016

You know when you take those training courses the trainers beg for good evaluations as a matter

of preserving their positions. Most people comply because it's no skin off their backs and they don't want to be responsible for a nice person losing a job.

June 1, 2016

Here's what i believe Hillary needs to stress in Cali when she returns there.

"I have had everything including the kitchen sink thrown at me, and I am still here fighting for you."

"And, I am a PROUD Democrat!!" I am proud of the legacy of FDR, JFK, LBJ, JEC, WJC, and BHO!! I am proud that Democrats in the face of tough odds gave us SS, Medicare, Food Stamps, Unemployment Insurance, Consumer Protections, and health care insurance for millions. I am proud that i was part of the Obama team that faced down the obstruction of the GOP and brought down unemployment from ___ to ___, reduced the deficit by _____,
brought down Osama bin Laden, ____ etc. And I am proud of all those Democrats running for House and Senate seats who have vowed to continue to work for all people and to work to improve our jobs outlook, to reign in the financial and economic institutions that do not work in the best interests of ordinary citizens."

She really needs to strike the notion that Bernie is not Democrat and is seriously weakening the Democratic chances of winning in November. We need to be unifies against Trump and the GOP and not each other. The real job before us is to win in November and come together after that to change or improve whatever rules the voters feel need to be changed. Now is not the time to focus on that. Our focus needs to be on winning!!! PERIOD!!

June 1, 2016

Weaver just contradicted himself and the Bernie campaign twice on CNN just now.

They were against super delegates before they were for them until they were against them again. They were for supers voting with the majority of voters before they were against them voting with the majority.


And please tell me what "nasty" charges and comments against Bernie have come from the Hillary campaign?

June 1, 2016

Is the FBI waiting for Hillary to win the nomination to snatch it from her with their efforts to

derail her like what they have been trying to do since 1990? It is no secret that the FBI GOP holdovers have been after her and Bill for sometime. They would love to be after Obama but he is so clean it would be a waste of their time.

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