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Member since: Tue Jan 12, 2016, 08:06 AM
Number of posts: 3,089

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Remember, you just have not heard or seen much from the voters of minority groups that do not

vote in primaries. Come the GE, the GOP is about to make an historical slide to basement. Trump will be taking them to the pits of oblivion and all those hateful, angry people will wonder what happened.

Just what is the hate and anger against Washington all about.The GOP controls the place from SCOTUS

to House to Senate. Then they come out and say they hate Obama and Obama has ruined this country. WTF!!
They don't even understand that their anger and what is wrong in Washington is largely is really against their own Republicans.

What are they angry at Obama for? For being successful in reducing the deficit, for stopping the bleeding of jobs, for lowering unemployment to less than 5%, for getting millions health care, for low oil prices, for Wall Street regulations, for strides in clean energy???? What are they talking about? Or it could be that Iran agreement that has now helped the Iranian people rise up against their conservative religious zealots?

Or, are they just angry that Obama was not an abject failure and that their Republicans didn't do enough to make him one?

Hate nurtured in racism is a bitch!

I noticed that the Trump maps on HP and the Clinton maps look almost alike. nt

Why hell don't the Dem candidates talk about this on the campaign trail?

It's a big damn issue with the Republicans when it is rising.


Is there a link to vote tallies by state? nt

Does Bernie speaking now mean Mass is a toss up?

Why wouldn't he wait 15 minutes to wrap Mass in the celebration?

Any updates on Mass??? nt

Just heard from my daughter in Georgia (Duluth)

She is an avid HRC supporter but she said she was surprised by the number of Bernie supporters at her polling place.
Just getting a little worried about that.

Asked my granddaughter how she felt about the term "super predator?"

I let her listen to the audio of Hillary's comments that included those word and "bring them to heel."

She said she really didn't know what to think about it except she knows that she is not a criminal who robbed and attacked people and she would never be a gang member...so the term doesn't even apply to her.

What are the voters so upset about the economy. There is a huge disconnect or they just refuse to

see anything positive about the Obama administrational

Consumer confidence it up and auto sales soaring.

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