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Member since: Tue Jan 12, 2016, 08:06 AM
Number of posts: 3,089

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The un-regulated militia!


Funny how after the Charity Watchdog gave an A to the Clinton Foundation the GOP talk

about the Foundation has disappeared from the news coverage.

Just heard Bernie on cable explaining why he isn't "endorsing" HRC right now.

I had a post hidden in GD 2016 for saying that I believe he is marginalizing himself more and more by not endorsing Hillary right now. I don't understand why the post was hidden but I said it was sad the he was not on the stage with HRC and EW and that such a trio would be a powerful team for the Dems. Are we no longer able to state the obvious?

"American will have to read the 800 page Benghazi report for themselves."

The GOP knows full well if it isn't about sex few if any Americans are going to read an 800-page report on anything.

Can someone explain Justice Sotomayor's dissent on the SCOTUS gun ruling?

Justice Thomas filed a dissenting opinion, in which Justice Sotomayor joined as to Parts I and II.

Proof that Thomas should never have been put on the SCOTUS

The man channels Scalia from the grave...Thomas doesn't have an original thought and is probably the least qualified person to have ever sat on the SCOTUS.

the SCOTUS decision today might clear the way for Kaine to be VP. He is pro-life but upholds Roe

It is his personal belief and he doesn't allow it to interfere with his political behavior. I like him for VP and I like Elizabeth to stay in the Senate and give them hell! She and Bernie in the Senate are going to be a powerful assist for President Clinton.

That new GEICO "Little Miss Muffet" ad needs to go. It really is offensive that the burglar is

in black and has black painted face. I object!!! And so should other GEICO customers!! Fired off letter to headquarters.

If, as the WP reports, that 81% of Sanders supporters have already move to support Hillary

and she is no higher in the polls than 5 points...we are in deep doc-doo!

If that is true, HRC should be leading Trump by 15-20 points...or, as the actual voting has appeared to prove, BS support was and is not as broad and deep as those rallies led us to believe.
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