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Member since: Tue Feb 9, 2016, 02:20 PM
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I'd post this in the lounge if they'd let me.

More trivia. I was Googling images to see if Warren wore any makeup (just lipstick, I think), and realized that she has a really youthful looking neck. I'm sure that contributes to her general image of youthfulness (along with her marvelous energy), since, I think, necks aren't easy to do surgery on, so they're revealing. Now I'm wondering if some marketing guru advised her to wear her constant medium low necklines, to accentuate this. Or maybe just her mirror did. In general, I'm interested in the people, like image advisors, if any, in the background of these candidates.

I know, MineralMan, my motives in this post are suspect. I'm probably a bad person for being interested in anything but policy. But, hey, just wondering.

When was the last time there was any action...

... on any legislation not having to do with impeachment and investigations? Stuff like health and the economy and infrastructure. Remember infrastructure??? We were going to have bipartisan work on infrastructure!! Did we? Will we????

Are investigations the only thing congress does?

Don't get me wrong. I know they're necessary. But still....

If we have billions of cells in our bodies,

how does gene editing work? I can't imagine executing a procedure (crispr?) on every relevant cell.


The thing about national polls of the favored nominee...

...is What are they telling us? There's an underlying sense that, somehow, if Biden (or whoever) doesn't get the nomination, those people that wish they had will go off and vote for Trump. I kinda doubt it.

The only national polls I'm interested in now are those vs Trump. And mostly in swing states, not national polls at all.

Can this be true even allowing for heels? (Jennifer Lawrence and Jodi Foster)

Google says Jodi Foster is 5' 3" and Jennifer Lawrence is 5' 9". OK.... so give Jennifer 3 inches for heels... that's a foot...


Very cool!!!!

I'd like to know more about how they organized this.


Do any of you have opinions about Tom Steyer, of NeedToImpeach.com?

His (to me) thoughtful ads have been appearing on daytime CNN for months.

Is this leading anywhere?

Does he have personal ambitions?

March 24 March for Our Lives faces difficulties with National Mall permit.

It turns out that a talent show already had a permit to use the Mall...

Heard it on Rachel.

Does anyone know anything about this?

Am I imagining things, or has media substituted "school shooter" for his name?

That would be good. If the accepted thing was always to talk about "the shooter." Not give the name publicity.

How old can a post be and still be "kicked?"

I found an old post I wanted to resurrect, so I posted a reply, but the OP didn't show up.
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