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Member since: Tue Feb 9, 2016, 02:20 PM
Number of posts: 13,629

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Access to historical betting predictions?

Is there a place where you can find out what the betting community projected for Super Tuesday? Thanks to those who pointed me to websites where I could find predictions. I looked there but didn't find this particular thing.


Where is the website where you can see what betting odds are...

... for elections? Someone posted the link here a while ago. I should have saved it.


MN and CO - what are your thoughts?

Why is it that Bernie wins with such big margins in states that he wins, even though Hillary wins way more states (and by big margins).


Are there some cheerful interpretations....

.... of the fact that the RealClearPolitics averages of matchups between Clinton and all the Republican candidates mostly favor the Republicans?

A great read!


It's true, but also hoping to...

...model some behavior for some of the Bernie supporters.


Bernie's campaign

I'm a Hillary Supporter, but I'm actually glad that Bernie's running a strong campaign. I hope it will sharpen the Democratic focus on income inequality. It's really a systemic problem that will require lots of smart work to address. And Bernie has been SO the opposite of Trump in his "against the establishment" position. He's against the establishment because the establishment has let things slide into inequality. Trump is just boosting his mind-boggling ego.

I'm a Hillary supporter, but I look forward to a really historic speech from Bernie at the convention, and hopefully some serious impact on the platform.

Did Bernie acknowledge Hillary's victory...

... in his MN speech? He did on the walk from the plane, briefly, caught by a reporter, but I'm now listening to the speech on Youtube, and he didn't at the beginning (my husband thought he did), and we listened for an hour. Maybe at the end?


Did Sanders know the size of the margin....

.... before he got off the plane to MN? I'd heard that he'd be flying a plane without internet access. Anyway, he seeme below par when he gave his speech.

Might this be what is happening?

I'm woefully non up-to-date re social media. I don't have a smart phone. I almost never post on Facebook, and visit every couple of months. But I have developed an image of how Bernie's supporters make their donations. Could this be reality? They have an app on their phones that lets them donate 1 or 5 dollars with a single swipe. So they do it in response to small cues, or large ones, like Bernie inviting them to at a debate. The amount is so small that they don't realize how many times they've done it til the MasterCard bill comes at the end of the month. It's analagous to swiping their phone at Starbucks.

Might this be happening?


P.S. This is why I break my donations into smaller pieces, even though it's a pain.
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