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Member since: Tue Feb 9, 2016, 02:20 PM
Number of posts: 13,629

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If you know about a tight senate race, list it here.

Hillary can't do it alone. We can take back the senate this year! Pick a contender to support. You don't have to be a constituent! Hopefully this post will gather lots of suggestions.


If you know about a tight house race, list it here.

Hillary can't do it alone. To take back the house we need to start this year. Pick a contender to support. You don't have to be a constituent! Hopefully this post will gather lots of suggestions.


#ChooseACandidate She can't do it alone!

I was so inspired by http://www.democraticunderground.com/12512325949 PdxSean's request for suggestions for a candidate to work for upon his retirement that I signed up and donated to two NH candidates (I live outside of Boston). Then I decided to start one of those thingeys on Twitter that begin with a pound sign. I'm not sure how those work... who sees them unless someone tells them to look, so I'm asking you all to join in and tell the world in #ChooseACandidate which house and/or senate candidates you've chosen to support. IMPORTANT - It's not OK to sit this one out if your home state/district candidates are safe.

She can't do it alone!!

This is what I tweeted.

"#ImWithHer so I'm starting #ChooseACandidate. Pick a contested house and senate candidate to support with time and money."

Check BallotPedia.org to find competitive races.

Did the pundits talk about Trump's delivery? His tone of voice????

If not, I'm going to start sending out protest e-mails and comments.

Pick a representative!


After getting inspired by the post above, I joined up to support NH senate candidate, Maggie Hassan, and now 1st district candidate Carol Shea-Porter. Both races are rated competitive.

I urge all Hillary supporters to choose a senator and a representative to support with money and phone calls. Sign up on their web sites.

As Bernie tells us every chance he gets, we have to take back the senate and house. The senate this time, and the house next time, after we've whittled their majority to a sliver!!!

Pick a senator!!!


After reading the post above, I followed a link in one of the responses and ended up donating $100 to Maggie Hassan, in a neck and neck fight in New Hampshire. We live in Boston, so there's usually not much to do unless NH is in play.

Pick a senator! Let's take back the senate! And pick a representative (gotta find out about that for myself) so we can drastically reduce the house majority for next time. Even if she gets elected, she can't do it alone!

The scary turn in whistle blowing.

Up until this week I had kind of a naive (I've now decided) benevolent attitude toward Wiki-leaks. I associated them with the good that comes from a free press. But now that the neutrality has obviously been destroyed, they become really scary. How can we frame our laws to come down hard on this sort of behavior? It seems like a really tough problem.


Don't boo!!! Vote!!!!!! nt

Bumper sticker for independents (a la Bloomberg).

Hillary Clinton: She's not insane!!!!!!

So Trump is actually working on a book.

How I Tried to Avoid Being Elected President.

Each chapter will focus on a particular outrageous thing. He'll explain how bewildered he was when nothing worked. What's going to come after cuddling up to Russia, flirting with treason!!???
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