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LAS14's Journal
LAS14's Journal
January 31, 2018

Watched season 8, episode 2 of George Gently tonight.

There are only 2 episodes so far in this final season. One from May and one from Oct 30. So I guess it's reasonable to expect at least 2 more.

Can I go play my recordings to find Joe Kennedy yet??????

January 30, 2018

Why is blocking of Democratic memo not the hottest topic on DU today????

I searched for "memo," and only found one from yesterday about this, with 9 responses.

To me this is the worst think that has happened to our system of government since Trump was elected. If one party can so blatantly suppress the voice of the other party, it sounds more like Uganda under Idi Amin than the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Maybe I just didn't search for the right thing?????

Aren't we all scared????

January 29, 2018

Too funny!!!

Here's a conversation between my daughter-in-law and 6 and 7 yr old grandsons. Background: Dad is on sabbatical, staying at home with the boys. Mom is a physician on weeks on/weeks off schedule.
You must read to the bottom.

7 yr old: I don't like handwriting.
Mama: Let me tell you a secret (everyone all eyes and ears): Mama doesn't like going to work either - she would prefer staying with you guys
6 yr old: And Dada doesn't do anything ....
Mama: Oh, he needs to put up with you guys every day!!
6 yr old: And make lunch and dinner....
Mama: But guess what?!
Boys: What???
Mama: Next year, Dada will go back to work.
7 yr old: And who is taking care of us??
Mama: Well, a week I will be home, the next week - we hope Dada will get a flexible job - so he can pick you up.
7 yr old: Yeah, like an UBER driver - so he can get us from school, drive around.
Mama: Well, UBER drivers don't make a lot of money. And trust me, it does make a difference, how much money you make.
7 yr old:with indignation: Now ..... YOU sound like Donald Trump!!

January 26, 2018

Since when does suspending, docking pay and requiring counseling constitute "shielding"?

This is about Hillary's treatment of a staffer who engaged in sexual misconduct.

It seems to me this is a great example of not treating everything in a black and white fashion. One of the reasons I so like Hillary.

January 24, 2018

Instead of walking kids to school,

teach them, from day 1

- Stay far away from a car that stops to ask a question.

- If someone gets out of a car, run to the nearest house. (Even if no one is home, this would be a deterrent.)

- Never, ever take a present from a stranger.

I was told this in kindergarten. It made me feel empowered, not frightened.

I associate it with my mother's reaction to the story of Richard Speck's murder of eight student nurses in Chicago. ( see link below) She was so impressed that one of them had the gumption to hide. Fascinating now is that my memory is of her telling me this when I was very small. But it actually happened the year I graduated from college. One of the important memories of my life corrected.

Another memory I know was when I was young. My parents left me at a theater on Saturday afternoon while they shopped. It was near empty, and a man sat next to me. I got up and moved far away. Again, I felt empowered.

Anyway, in my mind this is all connected to my irritation at where some people are drawing the #metoo line. In a lot of situations I think girls should be taught to just tell the jerk to bug off.


January 24, 2018

I wanted to call Trump a c*nt, but...

... he's not deep and warm. (could have been "deep or warm" )

This was the wonderful text (without the asterisks) of a placard at one of the recent Women's Marches. I want to redeem the word! The sentiment is brilliant. I figured my post would get banned if I didn't use the asterisks.

Anyway, does anyone know where that picture of the woman carrying the placard appeared? Google is no help.


p.s. Many edits because a quote followed by a close paren kept showing up as an emoji I didn't want.

January 18, 2018

Do you think the Trump phenomenon is like a boil coming to a head...

.... and that we'll be able to lance it in 2018/2020 and re-discover the America that gave us Obama?

January 17, 2018

How do I do this on DU?

My company announced that it was giving bonuses in response to the tax bill. "We're showing that the pundits were wrong." We're going to give my bonus to charity.

I'd like to challenge DUers to do the same and to publish their pledge in a thread that would continue to show up. Not conversation, just pledges to donate "tax bill bonuses."

Is there a way to set this up?


January 17, 2018

Where can I find exact figures for the Wisconsin Dist 10 special election?

I can't find anything at nytimes.com/topic/subject/elections (Is that where to go?). The Wisconsin gov site doesn't go past the primary.


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