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Member since: Mon Feb 29, 2016, 05:10 AM
Number of posts: 349

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Bernie: Walking in LA

A very heartwarming video,

We Haven't Fallen for the Propaganda to this Point, and We're Sure Not About to Start Now

This entire campaign has featured a plethora of propaganda aimed to dissuade Bernie supporters.

Tuesday another big enchilada will be upon us:

That's when the corporate establishment is expected to "call" the race for Bernie's opponent.

But we won't have any of it.

After all, FDR himself won the nomination in 1932 because of a contested convention.

And the same will happen this year.

President Sanders!

In solidarity.

Bernie Sanders Will Win the Contested Democratic Convention (Video)

"From Now On We Have to Share Bernie....with History." - Bill McKibben

"From now on we have to share Bernie. We have to share him
with the nation, with the world and probably most of all with

But today for one last time, he's still ours.

And so we speak with one voice in that chant that
people have heard throughout the country this year...."

Bill McKibben

Vermont Democrats Endorse Sanders at State Convention on 5/22:

Bernie Slams Giant Food Corporations: "We can grow food in this country that is healthy."

"I believe there should be labeling on the food products that
we eat, whether they're GMOs or what not.

"We are taking on large corporations who make billions
of dollars a year and they do whatever they can to suppress
the truth.

"And that is the culture that we have got to change in
this country from top to bottom.

"We can grow food in this country that is healthy.

"We can do it in a way that workers are treated with dignity
and respect
and earn a decent wage.

"But we can't do it unless you have a president and a
congress prepared to stand up to these large corporations."

- Bernie Sanders

From Bernie's pre-rally meeting in Bakersfield.
The quoted parts start at 10:43.

"If elected President we are going to CHANGE our national priorities." - Bernie.

"I have been in communities in inner cities where there are NO
. Where a mother can not buy fresh food for her
kids, where there are no banks and the only way you can cash a
check is through a payday lender who will charge you outrageous
interest rates.

"The African American community asked me quite appropriately,
'How come we can have trillions to fight a war in Iraq
but not have the money to rebuild inner cities in America'.

"If elected President we are going to change our national priorities.
We are not going to rebuild communities in Afghanistan, we are going
to rebuild communities in the United States.

- Bernie Sanders


Bernie previews his debate points vs. Trump

Sanders on Trump's Willingness to Debate: "Game on"

Trump tells Kimmel he'd be willing to debate Sanders for charity:

Sanders and Trump Seemingly Agree to Debate:

This would be yuge!

Current Electoral Map: Sanders 237 Trump 13 (Based on States that Have Been Polled)

This is the very definition of an easy choice for the contested convention that is going to be occurring -

Thanks to Time for change for the original post on this topic in GD-P:

Make or Break: Sanders and the "Supers" (an idea)

If allowable, I hope the Sanders campaign will be mobilizing the folks on its massive email database to encourage them to reach out to specific "super" delegates in their states via phone/mail/email/social media to help convince the "supers" of the obvious truth that Bernie is the much stronger candidate for the fall.

Emails from the campaign are segmented by location when mobilizing people in the database to go out and vote, so in this critical instance it would seem to make sense to do so again.
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