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deepestblue's Journal
deepestblue's Journal
June 6, 2016

Bernie: Walking in LA

A very heartwarming video,

June 5, 2016

We Haven't Fallen for the Propaganda to this Point, and We're Sure Not About to Start Now

This entire campaign has featured a plethora of propaganda aimed to dissuade Bernie supporters.

Tuesday another big enchilada will be upon us:

That's when the corporate establishment is expected to "call" the race for Bernie's opponent.

But we won't have any of it.

After all, FDR himself won the nomination in 1932 because of a contested convention.

And the same will happen this year.

President Sanders!

In solidarity.

June 1, 2016

"From Now On We Have to Share Bernie....with History." - Bill McKibben

"From now on we have to share Bernie. We have to share him
with the nation, with the world and probably most of all with

But today for one last time, he's still ours.

And so we speak with one voice in that chant that
people have heard throughout the country this year...."

Bill McKibben

Vermont Democrats Endorse Sanders at State Convention on 5/22:

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