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Beastly Boy

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Member since: Fri Mar 18, 2016, 12:21 PM
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I always had a nagging feeling that Rudy reminds me of someone, but could never put my finger on it.

I finally did.

Colonel Klink from Hogan's Heroes

An observation: DU posts condemning Hamas are curiously few and far between.

In the midst of a barrage of posts condemning the destruction of a single building in Gaza with no human casualties, it appears we are selectively disregarding certain aspects of the current conflict far more worthy of condemnation and outrage.

So far, over 1500 missiles, each one of them a violation of the Geneva Conventions, have been launched from the Gaza strip aimed directly, without any pretense to the contrary, at the civilian population centers.

Certain military resources are, in violation of the Geneva Conventions, being methodically co-mingled among the civilian population, deliberately exposing them to military threats.

The fact that Iran has turned the whole Gaza Strip into one huge ammunition dump is not even being mentioned.

While Israel takes much greater care to protect their civilian population, casualties, including women and children, are mounting on both sides.

I see little merit in taking sides when the fight between right wing zealots and professional militants gets murderously vicious, especially in light of all the civilian casualties that follow (actually, I find any such attempt a bit ridiculous), but I couldn't help but notice the inequity in dispensing outrage here on DU.

Update: The big Pentagon internet mystery now partially solved

Sat, April 24, 2021, 4:15 PM

BOSTON (AP) — A very strange thing happened on the internet the day President Joe Biden was sworn in. A shadowy company residing at a shared workspace above a Florida bank announced to the world’s computer networks that it was now managing a colossal, previously idle chunk of the internet owned by the U.S. Department of Defense.

That real estate has since more than quadrupled to 175 million addresses — about 1/25th the size of the current internet.

”It is massive. That is the biggest thing in the history of the internet,” said Doug Madory, director of internet analysis at Kentik, a network operating company. It’s also more than twice the size of the internet space actually used by the Pentagon.

After weeks of wonder by the networking community, the Pentagon has now provided a very terse explanation for what it’s doing. But it has not answered many basic questions, beginning with why it chose to entrust management of the address space to a company that seems not to have existed until September.

The military hopes to “assess, evaluate and prevent unauthorized use of DoD IP address space,” said a statement issued Friday by Brett Goldstein, chief of the Pentagon's Defense Digital Service, which is running the project. It also hopes to “identify potential vulnerabilities” as part of efforts to defend against cyber-intrusions by global adversaries, who are consistently infiltrating U.S. networks, sometimes operating from unused internet address blocks.


Madory said advertising the address space will make it easier to chase off squatters and allow the U.S. military to “collect a massive amount of background internet traffic for threat intelligence.”

Some cybersecurity experts have speculated that the Pentagon may be using the newly advertised space to create “honeypots,” machines set up with vulnerabilities to draw hackers. Or it could be looking to set up dedicated infrastructure — software and servers — to scour traffic for suspect activity.

“This greatly increases the space they could monitor,” said Madory, who published a blog post on the matter Saturday.

More on the mysterious Florida company that now claims to be managing the aforementioned millions of IP addresses at the link:


Manchin calls for 'enormous' infrastructure package paid for with new taxes

Source: NBC News

WASHINGTON — Sen. Joe Manchin said Wednesday that he favors a large infrastructure package that would be paid for in part by raising tax revenues — a point of contention between the two parties.

"I'm sure of one thing: It’s going to be enormous," the West Virginia Democrat, who is seen as a swing vote in a chamber divided 50-50, told reporters at the Capitol.

While he didn't predict a price tag, Manchin said Congress should do "everything we possibly can" to pay for it. He said there should be "tax adjustments" to former President Donald Trump’s 2017 tax law to boost revenues, including by raising the corporate rate from the current 21 percent to at least 25 percent.

The tax benefits in the Republican law were "weighted in one direction to the upper end," Manchin said. He also suggested an "infrastructure bank" paid for with revenues, potentially a value-added tax, that would be used for "rebuilding America."

"I'm not afraid to look at other things," he said.

Notably, Manchin said the Republican resistance to higher taxes was not a "reasonable" position in an infrastructure negotiation.

Read more: https://news.yahoo.com/manchin-calls-enormous-infrastructure-package-182500518.html

Just a little pause in Manchin bashing. I am not aware of any "moderate" Republican whose position would even come close to this.

Did you hear this one?

A priest, a pastor and a rabbit walk into a barber shop. The priest says to the barber: I want to cut my hare”. The pastor looked at the rabbit with concern but remained silent for fear of being autocorrected.

Saddest Homecoming Ever? Trump Greeted By A Single Supporter In New York Return.

Source: Huffpost

03/09/2021 12:08 am ET Updated 1 hour ago

Former President Donald Trump didn’t get a warm welcome as he returned to New York for the first time since leaving office: Just one person stood outside Trump Tower to cheer his arrival on Sunday night, the New York Post reported.

The Daily News said Trump is in his hometown to check on the family business, which had been run by his two adult sons while he was in the White House.

By Monday, a handful of supporters had gathered outside Trump Tower with signs and flags, as well as a group of counterprotesters with a giant inflatable rat dressed like Trump and “Arrest Trump” banners.

One demonstrator in New York on Monday held up a “Florida man go home” sign.


The former president likely hasn’t been in a New York state of mind in any case: Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. is reportedly investigating potential real estate and/or tax fraud.

Read more: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/trump-returns-to-new-york_n_6046dfd1c5b6af8f98bdcde8

Awww, how sweet! Despite being universally despised in NYC, he came to check on his two favorite adult children: Money Laundering Trump and Tax Fraud Trump. And, likely, have a super friendly chart over a can of Diet Coke or two with his buddy Cy Vance... I doubt he will have much time left to check on how badly Bevis and Butthead Trump messed up his family business, though.

I predict Trump's demise towards the end of 2022

Sure I am going out on a limb here, but recent events and, more importantly, the trajectory in which they have developed and are developing, lead me to be reasonably confident in my prediction. And it has nothing to do with Trump's physical or mental deterioration.

Here are my observations:
- Despite lying and cheating, abusing his position as the head of state to his advantage and violating every conceivable legal and ethical standard to win the election, he lost.
- Despite widespread voter suppression, he lost The Senate and failed to take control of the House.
- Despite stuffing the courts with right wing appointees, he lost every legal challenge to overturn election results. In fact, recent decisions by various courts reinforced, rather than weaken, America's electoral institutions.
- Despite using all levers of power of the presidency to intimidate and pressure the military, DOJ, American electoral institutions and individual politicians of any influence, he failed to change the results of the elections.
- Despite excessive pandering to his most militant and violent hardcore extreme right, racist and batshit delusional devotees and literally sending them to commit treason and overturn the election results by force, he failed.

As a result, Trump lost a great deal of his political capital. He no longer has the power of the Presidency at his disposal. He can no longer pressure foreign heads of states to start bogus investiogations into his enemies, or share top secrets with Uncle Vlad, or threaten to withdraw military assistance to NATO. He can no longer appoint incompetent but loyal members of the Administration or federal judges. He can no longer grant or withhold federal aid to states or agencies based on his approval or disapproval of how they are run. The only significant political advantage he has left is his firm grip on the cojones of the GOP. And even that grp shows signs of weakening, notwithstanding the rhetoric that may suggest otherwise.

To me, the telling sign was the recent CPAC presidential straw poll. Despite many hours of most sincere Trump worship by the most devoted, hand-picked cult followers coming from the Nazi rune-shaped stage (or maybe because of it), only 55% of the straw poll participants chose Trump to be the next party nominee. Coming from Trump's supposedly hardcore supporters, that's dismal!

The only remaining lever of power Trump seems to be left with is to intimidate the current establishment of the GOP. It is unclear whether he has any dirt on any of them, so I will dirsegard this possibility. What Trump has left is a threat to "primary" GOP elected officials. And he named names. I will not go into the likelihood of him succeeding in this, because it is pretty irrelevant. Let's assume he succeeds to primary all of them. The result would be a cohort of right-to-extreme-right winger facing the Democrats in the 2022 election. Based on the outcome of the 2020 elections, it is extremely unlikely that the American electorate has any appetite left to move the country further to the right. Hence, Trump's strategy will greatly increase the chances for the Democratic electoral victories. Should this be the case, the already "primaried" GOP establishment is not likely to take it lying down.

And that's the best scenario Trump can hope for. If his efforts to "primary" GOP's current ruling class fail to any significant degree, his last effective lever of political power and influence will be gone. I don't think his political relevance can survive either one of the two scenarios.

Journalist Tim O'Brien, who's seen Trump's taxes, thinks Trump's accountant will now flip in D.A.

Source: The Week

O'Brien went on to explain why he thinks it's likely Trump's chief accountant, Allen Weisselberg, will flip on Trump. "The thing to really focus in on here is that it's not just the tax records that Cy Vance has now," O'Brien said. "He probably has reams and reams of the accountant's work product. This is a criminal case, they're going to need to prove criminal intent on the part of Trump, his three eldest children, Allen Weisselberg, and anyone else in the Trump Organization who's fallen under the parameters of this investigation. And if there are email and notes and other records of communication about what they intended to do when they inflated the value of buildings so they could get loans against them and then turned around and deflated the value of the buildings so they could pay lower taxes on them, and there's a communication around that that predates any of these tax entries, that is gold for a prosecutor."

A few hours earlier, O'Brien told MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace that the particular eight years of documents Vance's team has "is important, because it predates Trump's ascent into the White House, and I think helps build the narrative around the money trail and Trump's motivations for his destructive and obscene dance with people like Vladimir Putin. It's a shame they couldn't go back further — think this is one of the tragic misses of Robert Mueller's investigation, he could have gone back further, I think, than Cy Vance is able to into Trump's finances."

O'Brien also underscored that the investigation implicates at least Eric Trump and Ivanka Trump, and "it also targets people inside the Trump Organization who might flip on Trump if they're exposed to criminal liability," but "the brass ring in all of this is that if Trump has a criminal conviction, he cannot run for president again, and that's looming over this entire thing as well."

Read more: https://theweek.com/speedreads/969063/journalist-tim-obrien-whos-seen-trumps-taxes-thinks-trumps-accountant-now-flip-da-inquiry

Vance's fireworks promise to be quite spectacular!

Graham defends McConnell following Trump's scathing statement: 'Indispensable to Trump's success'

Source: MSN

“President Trump's statement today in response to what McConnell said Saturday is very predictable. I remind everybody, Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment was don't speak ill of fellow Republicans,” Graham said. He later added, “Mitch McConnell working with Donald Trump did a hell of a job. They are now at each other's throat. I’m more worried about 2022 than I’ve ever been. I don’t want to eat our own.”

Read more: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/graham-defends-mcconnell-following-trumps-scathing-statement-indispensable-to-trumps-success/ar-BB1dKLLt

No shit! Lindsay is more worried about 2022 than he's ever been. It's so hard to make up his mind about whose ass he should kiss next...

Enough about trump. I have a question about The President.

Being a rabid middle of the road incrementalist myself, I am wondering whether Biden's first month in office has changed any minds on DU about incrementalism and consensus building from the center as an effective approach in advancing a progressive agenda in government. Any thoughts?
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