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beastie boy

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Member since: Fri Mar 18, 2016, 12:21 PM
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Just pulled this flyer out of my mailbox. WTF???

It was an unsigned, undated, unmailed and otherwise unidentified sheet of paper printed in plain text and just stuffed in my mailbox by hand. First, excerpts from the content:

Hi neighbor,

I write this note regarding the upcoming New York democratic primary.

Like many of you, I've been closely watching the primary unfold. In particular, I've been paying attention to Joe Biden's public appearances for the past six months or so. And what I see brings me an acute sense of worry.

I'll never forget when my grandmother first started showing symptoms of Alzheimers. Small details of memory loss were brushed aside at first: forgetting what she had done the day before, taking longer than usual to recall my name, etc. It wasn't until several months later when symptoms worsened that we realized that these instances were the early signs of a deeper, more tragic problem.

It brings me no joy to say that I intuitively recognize these symptoms in Joe Biden.


I am not a doctor, but I know what it is that I see in Joe.

Many of us know and love people with Alzheimers/dementia.It's a brutal, unforgiving and tragic illness. From the bottom of my heart I hope Joe receives the treatment he needs. But I can't sit back and watch a candidate with symptoms that are all too familiar to me to become the guy we pitch up against Trump. Trump will be, and has already shown himself to be, merciless and offensive about Biden's increasingly apparent memory issues. The Joe Biden of 4 years ago could trounce Trump. But running the current Joe Biden against Trump would be handing easy prey to a bully.

I simply ask that you consider the risk of not only Joe's electability, but his overall ability.

Now, the WTF part: This shit is so patently provocative, it could only be the product of a troll farm. I live in Max Rose's district, the part of it that is made up of a quirky mix of staunch conservatives, liberal old-timers and lots of young people moving in. My first impulse, given the author's references to the Democratic primary and author's grandmother, was to attribute this pamphlet to a young supporter(s) of a certain Democratic candidate whose campaign is in a slump. Then I thought, nah. This shit is too stupid to take at face value. So I am not discounting the possibility of a Repub troll farm trying to undermine Biden and make it appear like Bernie deserves credit for it.

Has anyone in Brooklyn received anything that resembles this shit?

Can't blame Bernie. He is doing what he does best.

He is leveraging what little influence he has left to its maximum, while he still can.

Bernie is smart enough to know that his "the people" vs "establishment" narrative has fizzled. The Primary results are clear on this. He is now falling back on the "we won on ideological grounds" narrative, which is also unfounded, but this is not yet as obvious as the failure of his populist message. This will become obvious in time, but not yet. Bernie still has space to maneuver, but it is shrinking, and fast. The next debate gives Bernie the opportunity, possibly his last one, to solidify the grounds for demanding and getting concessions from the Democratic Party to include items from his agenda in its platform. This is why he is pushing so hard right now. This will surely change, commensurate with Bernie's ability to retain relevance in this race.

He is unlikely to succeed to the degree he did in 2016. In fact, he is unlikely to retain sufficient relevance to last him until the convention. My sense is, the sooner he makes an endorsement deal with Biden, the better off Bernie's position will be in the end. My guess is, Bernie will endorse Joe by April. Possibly a day or two after Warren's endorsement, but that's a whole different calculus.

FiveThirtyEight: Biden's chances to win the Primaries moved from 15% to 88% in less than a week!


I am speechless...

Ari Melber on MSNBC just now: Sanders outspent Biden $30 per vote to $10 per vote.

That's 3 times more of the progressive working class money than the Democratic establishment billionaire money.

What is wrong with this picture? Is it OK to use the working class money so frivolously, or is the "establishment billionaires" buying elections for Biden bullshit falling apart?

Methinks it could be both.

It's sad. So many good people dropped out.

What's Tulsi still doing in the race?

Biden is ahead of Sanders among self identified "very liberal" voters in SC exit polls.


(you have to scroll down about one third of the page)

In Bernie Land, $42 Trillion in Revenue Pays for $97 Trillion in Spending

Under new pressure, Sanders released a document claiming to show how he pays for everything. It doesn’t come close.

After his train wreck 60 Minutes appearance when he couldn’t answer basic questions from Anderson Cooper about paying for some of his proposals, Sen. Bernie Sanders returned the next night while appearing on CNN and released a fact sheet claiming he can pay for all his new spending proposals. But, alas, conventional economic and budget analysis reveal that this claim is not remotely credible.

First, it is worth noting that Sanders’ spending promises total as much as $97.5 trillion over the decade. Sanders concedes that his Medicare For All plan would increase federal spending by “somewhere between $30 and $40 trillion over a 10-year period.” He has promised to spend $16.3 trillion on his climate plan. And his proposal to guarantee all Americans a full-time government job paying $15 an hour, with full benefits, is estimated to cost $30.1 trillion. The final $11.1 trillion includes $2.5 trillion on housing, $1.8 trillion to expand Social Security, $1.6 trillion on paid family leave, $1 trillion on infrastructure, $3 trillion to forgive all student loans and guarantee free public-college tuition, $800 billion on general K-12 education spending, and an additional $400 billion on higher public school teacher salaries.

Many of these spending estimates come directly from the Sanders campaign.


Please Don't Make Us Vote for Bernie, These Carolina Voters Say

GEORGETOWN, South Carolina—Democrats will sometimes list all of the people and items they would vote for over President Donald Trump in a general election.

An inanimate object, an anonymous bus driver, a fictional character.

But that doesn’t mean some are necessarily happy about the possibility of having to vote for Bernie Sanders in November.

It’s a prospect that can tend to give away a person’s true feelings in grimaces and groans, a reluctant ‘I guess, if I have to’, grasping for words and giving a look like, ‘Let’s hope America doesn’t put me in that position.’ It’s a potential future that makes Debbie Meekins, a 55-year-old supporter of Joe Biden’s have to laugh just moments after enthusiastically watching the former vice president walk into a South Carolina campaign event this week.

“Not good, but I'd vote for him,” Meekins said about her feelings towards a Sanders general election campaign. “(It’s) one of those, I'd vote for Mickey Mouse over Trump.”

“Sadly, it is what it is,” she says. Sanders is as polarizing as Trump, “but in the other direction.”

Ahead of Saturday’s primary, some Democratic voters in South Carolina who are either undecided or support other candidates said they’ll side with the Vermont senator if he does indeed make it to the general election.

For them it’s more out of a necessity to oust the incumbent, in their minds, than because of a growing affection for the 78-year-old democratic socialist turned Democratic frontrunner. And many are not entirely convinced he’ll be able to oust the Republican from the White House if he gets the chance.


There's an Unexpected Feeling at a Biden Rally: Jubilance


Voters in South Carolina, even undecided ones, have a deep affection for Biden. And they take their memories of Biden’s past as a sign that he belongs in their future.

The comfort runs both ways. For at least a little while, Biden can enjoy not feeling like he has to explain to voters the reason he may fail or why he has yet to succeed, a stream of consciousness blip Biden couldn’t shake in between a rout in the Iowa caucuses and his freefall in the New Hampshire primary.


Life’s only gotten better for Biden’s campaign since he left New Hampshire early. A second place Nevada finish reminded the faithful not to admit defeat just yet. South Carolina’s focused on spoiling the presidential contender with affection that was sorely lacking from the masses in the other early voting states this cycle.

Biden seems like he's coming into his stride again, said former Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH). Biden had been avoiding getting into the fray as much, she said, but that's now changed.

"It's the Joe Biden that I have known for like 15 years," she said. "And I'm delighted to see it."


Biden gains new energy in Virginia while Sanders, Bloomberg slide, poll finds

Former Vice President Joe Biden appears to have regained momentum in Virginia ahead of Tuesday's Democratic presidential primary election, while Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and billionaire Mike Bloomberg have both lost support, a poll released Friday shows.

In the survey by Christopher Newport University's Wason Center for Public Policy, 22 percent of likely Democratic voters said they preferred Biden.

Sanders, I, who has been leading in national polls after successes in Nevada, New Hampshire and Iowa, was second among Virginia voters, with 17 percent.

Bloomberg, the former New York mayor who has saturated Virginia with campaign ads, trailed behind in third place, with 13 percent.

All the other Democratic candidates polled in the single digits

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