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Biden gains new energy in Virginia while Sanders, Bloomberg slide, poll finds

Former Vice President Joe Biden appears to have regained momentum in Virginia ahead of Tuesday's Democratic presidential primary election, while Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and billionaire Mike Bloomberg have both lost support, a poll released Friday shows.

In the survey by Christopher Newport University's Wason Center for Public Policy, 22 percent of likely Democratic voters said they preferred Biden.

Sanders, I, who has been leading in national polls after successes in Nevada, New Hampshire and Iowa, was second among Virginia voters, with 17 percent.

Bloomberg, the former New York mayor who has saturated Virginia with campaign ads, trailed behind in third place, with 13 percent.

All the other Democratic candidates polled in the single digits


Sanders Says He'll Attract a Wave of New Voters. It Hasn't Happened.

It is is the most politically provocative part of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign pitch: that his progressive movement will bring millions of nonvoters into the November election, driving record turnout especially among disaffected working-class Americans and young people.

And yet despite a virtual tie in Iowa, a narrow victory in New Hampshire and a big triumph in Nevada, the first three nominating contests reveal a fundamental challenge for Sanders’ political revolution: He may be winning, but not because of his long-standing pledge to expand the Democratic base.

The results so far show that Sanders has prevailed by broadening his appeal among traditional Democratic voters, not by fundamentally transforming the electorate.
In Iowa, for instance, turnout for the caucuses was lower than expected, up 3% compared with 2016, and the increase was concentrated in more well-educated areas where Sanders struggled, according to a New York Times analysis; in the Iowa precincts where Sanders won, turnout increased by only 1 percentage point.
There was no sign of a Sanders voter surge in New Hampshire either, nor Saturday in Nevada, where the nearly final results indicated that turnout would finish above 2016 but well short of 2008 levels, despite a decade of population growth and a new early voting option that attracted some 75,000 voters. The low numbers are all the more striking given the huge turnout in the 2018 midterm elections, which was the highest in a century.


“I grant that the turnouts aren’t at the level that we would hope,” Rep. Ro Khanna of California, one of the campaign’s national co-chairs, said before the Nevada caucuses.

If Sanders is unable to bring in new voters in states with open Primaries, what are his chances of doing so against Trump in November?

On edit, here is the link to the article: https://news.yahoo.com/sanders-says-hell-attract-wave-131723602.html

Something interesting I noticed in Bernie's victory speech yesterday.

He went through every single one of his signature issues, making sure he doesn't miss any.

Except for one. Not a word on Medicare for All.

Bernie fans can correct me if I am wrong, but I think M4A is the only plan he provided some specific detail for. In any event, it is one of the few, and it is one he is most known for.

It cannot possibly be an oversight for Bernie not to mention it at all. It was deliberate. Is this a good sign or a bad sign? iI he is willing to overlook his signature issue, does this show Bernie being open to abandoning his more objectionable proposals, or does it imply , once he is President, he has no intention to deliver on M4A?

Bernie Sanders's Rivals Capitalize On Dispute With Nevada Union Over 'Medicare For All'


On Wednesday morning, former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg tweeted a not-so-subtle reminder to Nevada union members that his “Medicare for All Who Want It” plan protects “union members’ freedom to choose the coverage that’s best for them.”

After Argüello-Kline’s [President of Culinary Union] public statement, though, the flood gates opened. Democratic Sens. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) and Amy Klobuchar (Minn.) and former Vice President Joe Biden all tweeted their support for the Culinary Workers Union’s members. (Buttigieg joined them on Thursday morning with a Twitter message of support in Spanish and English.)

Biden went first, tweeting that he stands “with the working men and women of [the Culinary Union] because supporting labor means supporting our unions.”

But the remarks from Warren, who has at once cast herself as a unity candidate and begun to more explicitly contrast herself with Sanders, were notable.

“No one should attack [the Culinary Union] and its members for fighting hard for themselves and their families,” she tweeted. “Like them, I want to see every American get high-quality and affordable health care — and I’m committed to working with them to achieve that goal.”

Warren’s statement reflects the degree to which she has distanced herself from the Sanders plan since signing onto his legislation in 2017 and stating at the first Democratic presidential debate in June that she was “with Bernie” on Medicare for All.

Bernie's campaign manager just now on MSNBC

I am paraphrasing: "The billionaire class has adopted Buttigieg as their own."

... WTF?... I say WTF?... Since when?

When Biden was a threat to Bernie, his campaign went after Biden. When Warren was a threat, they went after Warren. And now this.

I am beginning to think Bernie's campaign has little to do with ideology and much to do with pursuit of pure political power. The "billionaire" boogie man remains the same, and the "enemies of the people" are interchangeable.

Bernie is all over the news today. Could it be that all the talk about Bernie being deliberately

ignored by the billionaire-owned mainstream news media that we heard from Bernie's side of reality just a week or so ago is nothing but a silly conspiracy theory? Is it conceivable that Bernie was ignored before because he wasn't making any news and now he is being covered left and right (pun not intended) because he is making the news?

This reminds me: I think the media is not giving as much attention to Buttigieg, the winner of the Iowa caucuse, because he represents the REAL threat to MSM and its billionaire puppet masters. Makes sense, no?

Oh c'mon people, snap out of it! Can we stop pizza-gating Iowa until we have at least one fact

straight about it?

You all remember what facts are, don't you? And you can still tell the difference between a fact and a conspiracy theory, can't you?

New IBD/TIPP national poll (A/B rated)

Joe Biden leads with 26% support in the February IBD/TIPP Poll, followed by Bernie Sanders at 19% and Elizabeth Warren at 13%. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, with 8% support, has pulled into fourth place, ahead of South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg, backed by 7%.
Andrew Yang (4%), Amy Klobuchar (3%) and Tom Steyer (2%) are the only other candidates polling above 1%.


New LA Times national poll: Biden +16

Biden 34%
Sanders 18%
Warre 16%
Buttigieg 9%
Bloomberg 9%
Klobuchar 3%

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