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Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Current location: California
Member since: Sat Apr 16, 2016, 08:41 PM
Number of posts: 3,682

Journal Archives

Went to the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade yesterday...

It was, as always, a big, joyous, love-in. Many references like "We are Orlando"---and also plenty of shows of support for Hillary! (I know, not surprising!) Big signs with Hillary's face in the parade and I think I can safely say that Hillary has the "Dykes On Bikes" demographic sewn up! The only buttons, signs or banners I saw with the name Trump said "F**K Trump". What a great city!

Wow. Just watched Nina Turner on HardBall (The wonderful Joy Reid is sitting in

for Chris Matthews today). Nina sure has toned down her rhetoric a lot. If she keeps this up, I may end up kind of liking her again. (Taking her off my poo poo list will probably happen --as Nina puts it-- "after the convention."

I just got my "Woman Card"!

My husband donated to Hillary and got one for me and it just came in the mail! What a guy! I will have to reward him for that!

Anybody else just watch MSNBC Joy Reid sitting in for Chris Hayes--

Talking about Bernie's diminishing influence and also how bad it was that he didn't help the Dems with their gun control filibuster---

Trump on TV reading from a teleprompter...and doing it really badly.

Seems like if someone is going to write a speech for him...They need to at least write it so it kind of matches his own 3rd grade speech patterns. (Apologies to some really smart 3rd graders I know.)

Haley Barbour talking on MSNBC....He is off the scale on the Sleeze-O-Meter.

Bernie's Speech....That didn't sound like he cares about anything except himself.

I am not happy.

Just voted for HILLARY. I was the 51st voter since polls were opened

about an hour ago. Typical low turnout for primary in my town. Two other voters who came in about the same time were both women about my age (60). A lot of people have already voted here in California. I didn't see any "passionate" young people who got up out of bed early to vote for Bernie.

Geez. Anyone else watching Chris Matthews cheering for a big mess at the

Democratic convention? This is what he does after nailing Weaver the other day? Chris is schizo.


Just a little insight into how sometimes things don't fit the Sanders "yuge crowd" narrative: On Friday Bernie Sanders made a campaign stop for a rally at a Solano Community College in the town of Fairfield California. Of course, there was a big write up in the local newspaper (The Daily Republic...published in Fairfield CA). The gist of the article was that there were NOT thousands of supporters at the rally. There were only a few hundred at the most. There were some quotes from a couple of attendees expressing their disappointment at the poor showing. Now, to be fair, temperatures were in the 90's that day. But ya know, his young, strong supporters should be able to brave hot temperatures for the 30 MINUTES that Bernie spoke. The rally was well advertised and hyped quite a bit. Sanders had a rally at the University of California at Davis a few days earlier that I didn't see covered on the MSM either. I wonder how many showed up for that one. By the way, Fairfield is situated right off I-80 between San Francisco and Sacramento. Very convenient to pull Sanders fans from both cities (along with the students at the college). Didn't happen.
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