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Tal Vez

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Member since: Sun May 22, 2016, 08:10 PM
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If you want to watch the convention, watch it on CSPAN.

CSPAN is providing coverage of the convention. The other channels are covering the people who work for their network. By switching to CSPAN, I am now able to watch the convention non-stop.

Have some of these emails been doctored?

Clinton's campaign manager (Robby Mooks) suggested today that some of the emails may have been doctored. If any have been doctored, there will be a cloud over every one of them until whoever dumped a document can come forward to prove that it is authentic. I don't think that these dumpers can do that, particularly if the Russians were involved. If there exists a cloud over the authenticity of some of them, they will all be more or less worthless.

People should not just roll over and be destroyed by unauthenticated documents emerging from dark and suspicious sources. We should all demand some proof. Let these dumpers come forward and prove their case.
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