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Member since: Thu Jun 9, 2016, 05:09 AM
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WW 111


I'm a friendly and approachable bloke and lots of people chat and open up to me. In the last few weeks, several people have told me “There is a war coming.” This is not just friends and acquaintances, it is even strangers in the street or in a pub!

I can't remember a time when the street vibe has been like this. Older people seem most worried as they have memories of WW 11 from their parents and growing up in post war times, but younger folks are worried too.

Of course it could be coincidence that so many people are talking like this around me, but it is strange. Another thought is that this vibe is not going on in our news media, but people just seem to know it. When they talk about war, they don't talk in terms of a distant foreign war, but a world war, affecting everyone. That's what I'm hearing.

What gives?


What do conservatives fear?


What is it that conservatives fear? They talk a tough game at all times and in all parts of the world, but there is something that they fear, viscerally, and on an existential level. What is it?

The Belgian writer, Lauryssens, writes of a proto – fascist in pre ww11 Germany:

“For Moeller van den Bruck there is no doubt that again the arch enemy of German culture is liberalism, which stands for everything that is corrupt.”

The last line of the above could have been written by an American Christian Republican in the year 2017. “..liberalism, which stands for everything that is corrupt.” The line is universal - “everything” and finally judgemental - “corrupt”. For those that hold to this belief, the words 'crooked Hillary' would likely have been a lighting rod to what they already know is true, and the sight of Obama's polished shoes on the president's desk in the oval office? I'll leave that to the imagination.

Of course there is a religious ontology to this thinking for the American Christian Republicans: the “fall” of man. Again, for those who believe this story, there is no reasoning to be done, for the world is fallen and can never be put right by liberal, and as they believe, tainted secular tinkering with God's plan. Such dangerously wrong ideas and practices lead straight to the horrors of socialism, communism and the demon. For them, it is a done deal.

I'll confess that there is little comfort in the above analysis, but sometimes it is reassuring to look into the distorting mirror of the other's mind and see it as it is. Fearful.


Nanny state on booze


The chief medical officer of the UK Tory government has cut recommended alcohol limits for men. This was 21 units per week and was reduced (earlier this year) to 14 units per week. Why? Other European countries are far more liberal, with recommendations in most countries ranging from 21 units to 31 units per week. Why do we get the nanny state?


A sinister development is the medical officer's recent remarks on the similarity between alcohol and smoking. She says, “This plan is a great start. This is a journey. Look at tobacco.” What journey is she talking about? Prohibition?

I don't know how other people feel, but I'm sick of the nanny state telling me what I can and cannot do with my own money.


Do you have a prediction for America?


It seems we are in a position of impotence. But we still have our intellects and maybe the ability to predict something of the future, right or wrong.

My prediction is that: if Trump prevails as president for 4 or 8 years he will leave having made more money from public office than any person in the history of the world.

Do you have a prediction for the future of America?


The UK national debt


Something is puzzling me. When Gordon Brown narrowly lost the UK election after the 2008 banking crisis, the Tory opposition ran on a fierce criticism of government borrowing. The national debt at that time was around £750 billion. Tory chancellor Osborne continued the incompetence meme against Labour and instituted 'austerity' in government finances. The result of this was an increase in the national debt to around £1.5 trillion at the time of Osborne's departure.

Now, the new Tory chancellor, Hammond, has told the Beeb that he intends to continue borrowing up to a notional limit of £2 trillion.

My question: If £750 billion of debt after a global banking crisis is incompetent, why is £2 trillion of debt after years of 'austerity' in government spending not incompetent?


Former president Obama


There are signs that Barack Obama is going to find himself after the presidency. For 8 years he has been pretending to be colour blind. His recent words are different, and with the recent speech on the opening of the new museum to black American history it looks like Trump will be getting some payback.

I hope so. What do you think?


What will happen if Trump wins?


I'm not sure if this question has been asked before on DU. If not, I am wondering if we have any idea of the short and long term outcomes. Some say that much damage has already been done to the US political system, and that seems to be true. The political dialogue is indeed dark.

Can we make any informed predictions at all?


Should a Christian be selfish?


I used to debate at some length with a couple of Randian Christians. Their view seemed puzzling, as I remembered the Christian commandment, “Love your neighbour as yourself.” Mark 12:31

So, to me, shouldn’t the Christian be concerned for others just as much as for his/her self? That’s how I was reading it. However, the Randians stuck to their line, and I began to realise that the commandment does take account of self love, just as strongly as the love of others. As our debate proceeded, it became clear to me that the Randians believed that their self love included profiting in worldly goods in the here and now, and then, crucially, gaining immortality in eternal heaven of the next world. For a selfish person, what’s not to like?

But, what of others? Here, the Randians presented two arguments. Firstly, their view is that loving others does not need to include practical help, unless this help is in the form of some useful advice: i.e. ‘look after yourself’. In this perspective the Randians own selfishness can be of help to others by sharing such nuggets of wisdom. The second argument is about Christian belief. They argued that redemption is not a matter of good works in this world, but of believing the gospel. Again, interestingly, they saw a deathbed conversion as a fully effective passport to the new world, no matter what kind of life has gone before.

As a result of these debates, I took a fresh look at the nature of the Christian idea. Was my own view of Christianity being affected by my liberal political world view and what I think a good person is? This is still a puzzle to me.


The last new thing you've seen.


I'm interested in the last new thing you've seen.

Mine was today. A guy walking along in the city with a voluntary parrot on his shoulder. No leash, no string.




Hi Denzil,

Thanks for the welcome. I'm an old hand on the interweb and was glad to find this place after fighting the liberal corner on some right wing sites for too long. Much more comfortable here.


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