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WW 111


I'm a friendly and approachable bloke and lots of people chat and open up to me. In the last few weeks, several people have told me “There is a war coming.” This is not just friends and acquaintances, it is even strangers in the street or in a pub!

I can't remember a time when the street vibe has been like this. Older people seem most worried as they have memories of WW 11 from their parents and growing up in post war times, but younger folks are worried too.

Of course it could be coincidence that so many people are talking like this around me, but it is strange. Another thought is that this vibe is not going on in our news media, but people just seem to know it. When they talk about war, they don't talk in terms of a distant foreign war, but a world war, affecting everyone. That's what I'm hearing.

What gives?


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