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Member since: Sun Sep 4, 2016, 05:10 PM
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Trump administration woefully unprepared ... for Easter Egg Roll?


Updated on April 12, 2017 at 2:55 PM Posted on April 12, 2017 at 8:15 AM

Forget Russia, Syria and North Korea for a moment. It looks like President Donald Trump and his administration are facing another existential crisis: organizing the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

The New York Times has a 1,450-word explainer today that begins with a tweet (what else?) from the makers of the souvenir wooden eggs distributed at the roll to the first couple: "FYI manufacturing deadlines for the Easter eggs are near," said a Twitter post directed at Mr. Trump; the first lady, Melania Trump; and the president's daughter Ivanka Trump. "Please reach out!"

This, according to the Times, is no trivial matter for the leader of the free world.

"Could this White House, plagued by slow hiring and lacking an on-site first lady, manage to pull off the largest, most elaborate and most heavily scrutinized public event of the year?" the nation's paper of record asks.


How bad is it? "Even Curious George and Elmo did not know for sure that the Easter Egg Roll was happening until late last month, when the White House first contacted PBS Kids to ask if it could provide costumed characters," the Times says. "The Easter Egg Roll has been crowded in past years with cast members from "Sesame Street," but this year, there will be a lone emissary."

...continued at link

The white house that cut funding for PBS' Sesame Street had the nerve to reach out to PBS to ask if they could provide costumed characters...I'm just speechless...that takes some chutzpah

Democrats In Illinois Just Unseated A Whole Bunch Of Republicans


4/13/2017 11:14 pm ET

WASHINGTON ― In a spate of local elections last week in Illinois, Democrats picked up seats in places they’ve never won before.

The city of Kankakee elected its first African-American, Democratic mayor. West Deerfield Township will be led entirely by Democrats for the first time. Elgin Township voted for “a complete changeover,” flipping to an all-Democratic board. Normal Township elected Democratic supervisors and trustees to run its board ― the first time in more than 100 years that a single Democrat has held a seat.

“We had a pretty good day,” said Dan Kovats, executive director of the Illinois Democratic County Chairmen’s Association. “We won in areas we normally would win, but we also won in areas Republicans never expected us to be competitive in. They were caught flat-footed.”

These may seem like relatively small victories ― we’re talking about municipal races in towns with tens of thousands of people ― but they fit with a broader pattern that should have Republicans on edge ahead of the 2018 elections: Progressive grassroots activism, exploding with energy since President Donald Trump’s win in November, is fueling Democratic gains in GOP strongholds.

...continued at link

Yay, yay, yay!

Dumpty is off to Mar-a-lago again...when does this lazy man work? GAH...


Scales of Justice and Comey


Support for Syria Airstrikes - Dems vs GOP, 2013 vs. 2017


OMG, what hypocrites the GOPers are. Chart if from Rachel Maddow's Wed 4/12 show on MSNBC

Leaked Email: President Trump's Modeling Agency Is Shutting Down

One of President Donald Trump's favorite businesses will go the way of Trump Steaks, Trump University, Trump Airlines, and Trump Magazine: his embattled New York modeling firm, Trump Model Management, has officially told its business associates around the world to prepare for its closure, according to an email obtained by Mother Jones.


The true heart of #TraitorTrump and hsi gang of #GOPThugs...


National March for Trump to Release his taxes is Sat April 15th...



go to this website to find out where it is for your local area. I've already recruited a couple dozen family and friends and we'll be marching in our pussycat hats.

Please participate of you can. Yep, I know Dumpty will never willingly release his taxes, but the march is to show American do care about Dumpty's taxes and get the optics out there.

US aircraft carrier-led strike group headed toward Korean Peninsula


A US aircraft carrier-led strike group is headed toward the Western Pacific Ocean near the Korean Peninsula, a US defense official confirmed to CNN.

The move of the Vinson strike group is in response to recent North Korean provocations, the official said.
Adm. Harry Harris, the commander of US Pacific Command, directed the USS Carl Vinson strike group to sail north to the Western Pacific after departing Singapore on Saturday, Pacific Command announced.




scary stuff. why , oh why is Dumpty doing this shit.

Airbnb host cancels Asian woman's reservation, telling her: 'It's why we have Trump


Airbnb has banned a woman in California for listing her home on their site after she cancelled an Asian student’s booking, telling her: “This is why we have Trump.”

Dyne Suh, a 25-year-old law student from Riverside in California, was travelling to the ski resort of Big Bear Lake with her boyfriend and two friends. Miss Suh had contacted the Airbnb host prior to their arrival to confirm the booking.

But, three minutes from their destination, the host told Miss Suh they were no longer welcome. "And she said: 'One word says it all: Asian. It's why we have Trump.' " "We can't have foreigners telling us what to do," the host responded, according to Miss Suh.

Miss Suh, who emigrated from South Korea when she was three, said it shows the depth of racism in the US.

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