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Member since: Sun Sep 11, 2016, 10:37 PM
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Exactly. All we can do is protect ourselves.

In real world situations there is little we can do about the anti-maskers, or those who don't wear their masks properly.

Only properly fitting, authentic and new/clean N95's, KN95's and KF94's can protect the wearer from the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Some also suggest wearing protective glasses as there is a possibility that the virus can infect via the eyes.

The idea behind the cloth masks was that 'my mask protects you, and your mask protects me' but that only works if everyone wears it and wears it properly. Cloth masks do work well to stop the exhalation of viral droplets (as the droplets are much bigger and wetter as they are exhaled) but poorly at stopping the inhalation of viral droplets which are at that point dry and aerosolized and much smaller - which only the better masks can stop.

+1. Those colors were shown a long time ago.

There is a segment of white voters in both parties who think things like voting rights are simply left-wing or black issues, and not mainstream American issues, and who actually cheer on Sinema/Manchin's maintaining of the filibuster.

Sinema has no political appeal. She thinks she's being mavericky like McCain but in reality she's just a wannabe with no natural base. The charismatic and qualified Gallego would destroy her in a primary.

Of course it's a toss up state, that's what a purple state is.

The point of my post was that unlike in WV where Manchin is perhaps the only Dem who can win there - in AZ (being purple) any solid Dem can win there. It's not an easy win and will always be close but Dems have won statewide there in recent years (Sinema, Hobbs, Kelly).

Sinema has no natural base and is not really liked by anyone at this point. Someone like Rep. Ruben Gallego who is a Latino and a military veteran would crush her in the primary (as other posters noted above) and also have a better chance of defeating the Repub nominee in the general election than the clueless Sinema would. She basically has no political value to any particular constituency in her state, and her strategy or mirroring Manchin (whose situation is unique in his state) is simply stupid.

This is why Adams was elected in NYC

and even Lori Lightfoot (Chi) and London Breed (SF) are sounding a much tougher tone on crime.

Being against crime does not mean one is for the racist police... Adams has always been against both. And if you think about it being for communities of color and the disadvantaged means you have to be against both.

The key is to give young people the proper schooling and a safe environment so they don't drift to gangs - alot of crime is gang related.

There are too many homeless mentally ill on the streets who need to be institutionalized to receive the treatment they need and to protect the public at large.

MSNBC is liberal leaning but cannot become a leftwing FOX

which simply presents a false reality to its viewers. Having an editorial slant is fine as long as it is tethered to journalistic integrity.

The fact is Biden's poll numbers are very low, for a variety of reasons some under his control some not.

Nicolle Wallace was talking about this on her show the other day, how some viewers get upset about her critique of the Biden Admin and Merrick Garland etc. But the coalition of voters (ie, 'the Resistance') that put Biden in the Whitehouse is in fact disappointed about how things are going and simply voices that frustration on shows like hers, which include on her panels everyone from former Repubs to moderates to progressives.

Sinema is finished.

She's from a purple state that another Dem could win, and she has several incidents now (the curtsy, this recent speech, etc) that are easy to make into a commercial in a Dem primary. Note that Mark Kelly from the same state is not the problem for us that she is, neither is Warnock and Ossoff from an equally purple state in GA.

Manchin is from a deep red state and there is little we can do to him.

The old school Dems would dig up dirt on both of them and pull their strings ... wish we had some of that hardball mentality in this current party. Sinema and Manchin seem to have no fear of disrespecting a Dem President and derailing his agenda.

This is a great article

that you don't see talked about enough, that Hillary raised with the 'basket of deplorables' speech. Any time anyone tries to raise the issue of the rot within the Republican base (and not just with the leaders or RW media) there is immediate pushback of 'Why are you demonizing regular Americans?' and so the conversation ends.

The fact remains that this is who GOP voters are: 75% or more of Republicans (who are not just the far right, but your typical Reagan Republican) believe in Trump's Big Lie. About 70% want Trump to run again in 2024.

This is not just a difference of political opinion, but of a struggle of democracy vs autocracy, and autocrats cannot (should not) be respected or reasoned with.

Sanders is speaking to a higher moral cause

which sometimes you need to do in order to move people (including politicians) to action.

Biden's speech in GA also attempted to speak in large moral terms, invoking the Civil Rights era.

Politics is about the art of the possible. You don't have the votes until you do.

Most people won't wear N95's as they

have rubber bands and grip tightly onto the face/nose and while they offer the highest protection they are uncomfortable for typical usage. They are best for medical professionals and others who are under high risk for exposure.

The best balance of protection and comfort are the KN95's and KF94's, which have similar filtration material to N95's but a more comfortable shape and earloops. Of course part of the discomfort of the N95's double head bands is to ensure a tight seal. Having a good fit thus is important in any mask to minimize leakage.

The cloth ones are not great, they lack the ability to filter viral particles and often fit too loose. Surgical masks are ok but they need to be of medical grade quality.


Fit and filtration is the key to proper masking which many (most?) people don't apply properly.

Brandon kicked Trump's ass.

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