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Member since: Thu Sep 15, 2016, 06:37 AM
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If I were Pelosi, I would devote much of the remaining legislative session to

Introducing legislative bills that address the consequences of the ruling on Roe, many of which are being discussed here.

Protect or expand access to contraception, health care, family leave, IVF, etcÖ

Force the GOP to vote and show the American people what they really face.

I partially agree with Kevin McCarthy

Today he complained that there will be prime time hearings on the Insurrection, but none on inflation, gas prices or anything the GOP sees as harmful to Biden.

We should have hearings on the Insurrection, and after that, letís have prime time hearings on gas prices, inflation etc. Letís bring Big Oil CEOs in to face Katie Porter. Letís bring the baby formula manufacturers in to ask about their contingency plans to manage shutdowns due to emergencies or, as recently occurred, FDA violations. Letís bring in big Pharma to face questions on insulin prices.

I could go on, but I say letís take McCarthy up on his suggestion. Have prime time hearings on these issues.
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