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Member since: Mon Sep 19, 2016, 10:04 AM
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Russia Continues Info-War Tactics In US. MY OP HERE: https://www.democraticunderground.com/10029586724 .WATCH HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vy1vk1mZhiw. READ HERE: https://timesofsandiego.com/politics/2017/03/23/russia-duped-bernie-fans-via-facebook-san-diego-dems-told/LISTEN JOHN MATTES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1112&v=P2ujhoTqRtQ

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2000 Rigged Elections - Clinton Curtis' Video Sworn Testimony. Asked by Florida Speaker of the House

2000 Rigged Elections - Clinton Curtis' Sworn Testimony

This video is of Clint Curtis testifying in court he was paid to hack voting machine #passedapolygraph


Posted by Madam45for2923 | Sat Sep 30, 2017, 02:51 PM (14 replies)

The dubious friends of Donald Trump part 3: The billion dollar fraud.


Will Donald Trump go down due to his dubious ties to the former Soviet Union? The president seems to be getting in deeper and deeper. Special prosecutor Robert Mueller, who is investigating if Trump colluded with Russia in order to win the elections, is also digging into Trump's past as a business man. In that past, one of Donald Trump's business partners plays a crucial role, Felix Sater. A convicted felon who has ties with the Russian mafia. Last May, Zembla disclosed how an American real estate company, run by Sater, used Dutch mailbox companies within a network, which has been suspected of laundering money. Allegedly $1.5 million dollars had been diverted. Donald Trump developed hotels and apartment complexes with this suspicious company.

In the last few months ZEMBLA received indications of a greater fraud. A billion dollar fraud. And here Sater, Trump's questionable business partner, shows up, as well. The money trail leads to Kazakhstan, to real estate projects in New York and again to the Netherlands. ZEMBLA investigates: How compromising is this case for the current president of America?

PARTS 1 & 2 :


Posted by Madam45for2923 | Sat Sep 30, 2017, 01:51 PM (3 replies)

The Forgotten Hillary Clinton Voter: A Profile Of The Not-So-Silent Majority

Ignored by the media and ignited by a Trump Presidency, Rantt News spoke to the 65.8 million who refused to be relegated to the shadows


In the aftermath, the media ran piece after piece on Trump voters casting them in a sympathetic light, favoring hot takes about so-called “economic anxiety” over the very real anxiety of the Clinton voters fearing for their future. Ignored by the media and bombarded by taunts from Republican family and friends, Clinton voters took refuge in online groups, looking for reassurance that the world they had help build hadn’t been destroyed.

The Resistance was born from this banding together, forged from the fire to fight back for the country they love. Instead of celebrating a broken glass ceiling, they had to pick up shattered dreams of equality and soldier on together. Who were they and what did they care about? These were the people Rantt News wanted to give a voice to.

Instead of seeking to shed light on the over-reported on Trump voter, we at Rantt News decided to spotlight the majority. We opened a survey soliciting Clinton voters who’d be willing to answer a few questions. Why did they vote for Hillary? How did they feel about living under a Trump Presidency? What did they think needed to be done to move forward as a country?


What Clinton Voters Believe
From college students to senior citizens, the Hillary Clinton voters we surveyed all have one thing in common: They believe in Hillary. She wasn’t the lesser of two evils, or the only choice left standing for the never-Trump crowd. She was their candidate. They saw Hillary as a hard-working, qualified, ambitious woman whose time had finally come. She’d fought her entire life on behalf of Americans for the issues that mattered: income inequality, healthcare, climate change, education, racial justice and equal opportunity for women.


We crunched the data and poured over the responses, picking out threads that were familiar refrains. Many of the Clinton voters we surveyed echoed similar ideas and beliefs that have been ignored by the media in favor of extremist voices on the fringes of the left and the right. What motivated the 65.8 million people who voted for Hillary Clinton? Here’s what they told us.

Hillary Was The Most Qualified Candidate For The Presidency In Modern History

When asked about how they viewed Clinton as a candidate, there was little equivocation. Those surveyed described Hillary as the most qualified candidate in their lifetime, citing not just her intelligence and experience but her progressive platform and long history of supporting the rights of women and minorities.

more in link:

Posted by Madam45for2923 | Sat Sep 30, 2017, 12:20 PM (34 replies)

The Media Really Has Neglected Puerto Rico


While Puerto Rico suffers after Hurricane Maria, much of the U.S. media (FiveThirtyEight not excepted) has been occupied with other things: a health care bill that failed to pass, a primary election in Alabama, and a spat between the president and sports players, just to name a few. Last Sunday alone, after President Trump’s tweets about the NFL, the phrase “national anthem” was said in more sentences on TV news than “Puerto Rico” and “Hurricane Maria” combined.

Those other stories are worth covering, of course. But compared to the other natural disasters of the past few weeks, Hurricane Maria has been relatively ignored. Data from Media Cloud, a database that collects news published on the internet every day, shows that the devastation in Puerto Rico is getting comparatively little attention.


Posted by Madam45for2923 | Fri Sep 29, 2017, 07:32 PM (7 replies)

Q: Who's funding white nationalists? A: Mercer/Regnery/Hatreon

Who's financially funding white nationalists? We found out – and there's more money in it than you realize.

Video explains in less than 5 minutes:

Posted by Madam45for2923 | Fri Sep 29, 2017, 10:51 AM (4 replies)

In 2011, Facebook asked for political ads on its site 2b regulated like campaign buttons, not TV ads

In 2011, Facebook asked for political ads on its site to be regulated like campaign buttons, not TV ads, which require a disclaimer.


How Facebook deliberately pursued policies that left its platform vulnerable to being exploited http://money.cnn.com/2017/09/27/technology/business/facebook-political-ad-rules/index.html … by @donie

Posted by Madam45for2923 | Thu Sep 28, 2017, 10:19 AM (4 replies)

Where in the world is Meredith McIver?

Where in the world is Meredith McIver? Will Mueller interview this ghostly person. She must know a lot if she exists.

I just don't want to let a season go w/o asking this question!

I promise to forever revisit this:


Seriously?! More than year later the paper of record deems this relevant to cover?Thanks for catching up. #meredithmciver @MeredithMcTrump





Posted by Madam45for2923 | Thu Sep 28, 2017, 09:23 AM (7 replies)

Volunteer, Help, Donate to Puerto Rico:

The Puerto Rican government released a list of items it needs most desperately:

Bottled water
Baby wipes
Hand sanitizer
Diapers (Children & adults)
Canned food
Dry food
Baby formula
Garbage bags
Canned milk
Canned and dry pet food
Baby and adult pain relief medicine
Stomach relief medicine
Mosquito repellent
Blankets and pillows
First aid kits
Laundry detergent
Dish soap

More information here with list of organizations to send donations (items/money) to:


Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and other Caribbean islands were devastated by Hurricane Maria. Relief agencies are seeking donations, as well as food, water, and medical supplies.

At least 13 people have died. Most people don't have water or power. There's no cell service. Roads have been totally washed away or blocked by debris. This is life right now in Puerto Rico, where 3.5 million Americans are struggling to recover from the devastation of last week's Hurricane Maria.

Local officials described the scene as "apocalyptic" on Sunday. And just two weeks earlier, Hurricane Irma blew through and caused as much as $1 billion in damages to the island.

A lot of mainland Americans don't realize that Puerto Ricans are Americans. The results reflect a stark reality about the nation's awareness of the Caribbean territory and the island's financial crisis. Puerto Ricans have held American citizenship since 1917, are able to carry American passports and can enter the U.S. mainland freely. Residents of the island can't vote for a president unless they move to one of the 50 states, but they can send delegates to the party conventions. Regardless, lawmakers have been reluctant to help Puerto Rico deal with growing financial woes this year. FEMA has been providing lifesaving resources to the island, but people there could use any help they can get to try to rebuild their destroyed lives.

After the region has been hit by two hurricanes of such magnitude, emergency relief and long-term recovery efforts in the Caribbean will take months, if not years. Organizations on the ground need your support now more than ever - be it through volunteering, offering monetary donations, or sending supplies to the area. If you're interested in helping the victims of the storm, below you'll find a list of organizations that could use your help.



Posted by Madam45for2923 | Wed Sep 27, 2017, 09:11 AM (17 replies)

Maggie Haberman How dare Nate Silver suggest NYT EMAILS coverage was nothing but perfect

New York Times’s Maggie Haberman Has Chosen To Be A Dick Today https://wonkette.com/623439/new-york-timess-maggie-haberman-has-chosen-to-be-a-dick-today … via @Wonkette


New York Times’s Maggie Haberman Has Chosen To Be A Dick Today


Posted by Madam45for2923 | Tue Sep 26, 2017, 08:37 PM (8 replies)

NYT Slammed For Double Standard On Trump-Clinton Email The Beat With Ari Melber MSNBC

Plus another MSNBC video with Steve Schmidt:

Posted by Madam45for2923 | Tue Sep 26, 2017, 04:30 PM (5 replies)
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