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Member since: Fri Oct 7, 2016, 03:04 PM
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Heroic entity.

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Live updates from Standing Rock

The assembled armed forces of several states have been placed into the service of multinational oil companies despoiling the earth. They are marching upon The Protectors. Today.

Live updates are here:

‘‘The iciest place on the planet.’’ - Cardinal Dolan

"Trump and Clinton sat one seat apart for the evening, with New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan acting as the only buffer. And when they entered and took their seats, they did not greet each other or make eye contact, though they did shake hands at the conclusion of the roast.

Dolan later called his seat ‘‘the iciest place on the planet.’’


The Protectors take a stand at Standing Rock

Protecting all the water, all the land, all the plants, all the animals, and all the people.

Ten ways you can help the Protectors do their protecting:

Putting it all together. Brilliantly. Winona LaDuke.

To honor Indigenous Peoples Day here's a video clip of Winona LaDuke being interviewed by Amy Goodman for Democracy Now. It's 10 minutes long - but may be the most worthwhile 10 minutes of your day to hear someone so intelligently and articulately spell out the Big Picture - climate change, oil, corporate dominance of the political system, fundamental disrespect for the feminine, destruction of the planet for the profit of a few, and the historic and courageous actions of Native Protectors (not 'protestors') now underway at Standing Rock.

Say it again: "Trumped-up trickle down."

I hope Hillary says that again. It indicts not just Casino Donnie, but the whole frikken corrupt & corpulent Republican party. And it's kinda catchy.

When she made that stingingly true remark the first time, it got just a nano-blip of attention. There was too much else going on. And of course that's the case now, as well.

But to say it a second time - now in the midst of the raw Republican self-inflicted sex shitstorm - will remind voters that when it comes to bread-and-butter issues like taxes and money, the whole perverse, soul-twisted Republican Party is (as always) pissing all over the American people.

News: cheesy Trump Taj Mahal Casino (R) collapses in a massive pile of debt

It looks like they will gasp their way through the weekend, and start nailing up the cheap, imported plywood on Monday. This casino is a TOTAL TRUMP (R): a total expression of what the Republicans hath wrought.

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