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Gender: Female
Home country: US
Current location: Southern Plains
Member since: Fri Oct 28, 2016, 08:36 PM
Number of posts: 13,350

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Lifelong Democrat

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Bill Browder: Putin freezes Alexey Navalny's bank accounts and his parents' and daughter's as well

Putin is getting scared and vindictive. He’s just frozen all the bank accounts of Alexey Navalny, his elderly parents and even his children. Alexey’s daughter who is a freshman at Stanford now can’t pay for anything.




Keep Mr. Gates healthy and fit, please Mr. Mueller

Great piece of news

Much needed

He done a big "no-no", eh? Say, is some of that high-falutin Hollywood elite showbidness talk? nt

So much waiting, monkey...thanks for posting, I was so gleeful at news of raid yesterday!!!

- then earlier today, thought, duh, they got to sort through that trash (...goldmine?), and so we must commence to waiting some more...welllll, okay then

DFT's rally sold out - "I hear the tickets, you can't get them" (guess who said that!)

Trump rally in Melbourne
Estimated 9,000 tickets claimed in less than 24 hours

By Daniel Dahm - Digital Manager , James Sparvero - Reporter
Posted: 1:18 PM, February 16, 2017
Updated: 6:10 PM, February 16, 2017

MELBOURNE, Fla. - No more tickets are available for President Donald Trump's rally on Saturday in Melbourne.

"There are no more passes available," said Lori Booker, a spokeswoman for Orlando Melbourne International Airport, the location of Trump's 5 p.m. visit.

About 9,000 free passes were made available at noon Wednesday and were gone by early Thursday, Booker said. 


"I hear the tickets, you can't get them," Trump said at the White House Thursday.


11th Hour tonight, msnbc, Malcolm Nance:

retweeted by Malcolm Nance


Stay tuned to @msnbc tonight, @MalcolmNance gives you a briefing with @BWilliams tonight on @11thHour
6:49 PM - 16 Feb 2017

Hey there, astrology buffs! Such a day was this, eh?!?? So I thought, hmmm, what sign

is the moon in today? What influences were in gear here?

  Feb 16, 2017 06:41 AM     Moon enters Scorpio  

Welp, Scorpio appeared, first thing in the morning...I don't know that much about this stuff, but I do believe Scorpio's a very (very!) heavy, deep, water sign...can signify profound transformations...

Well, I sure feel "transformed" after THAT presser!! Holy friggoli!

Gen. Mattis said this morning that he believes Russia has indeed been meddling in the

elections of various democracies. I feel strongly that his stance here is in MAJOR conflict with his so-called commander-in-chief's view, and that trouble's abrewin between the General and the idiot - am I making too big of a deal over this?? - - - like, will DFT dare challenge his "MAD DOG" on this? - ie, is another departure slouching its way towards drumpfville??

From The Hill this morning:

Defense Secretary James Mattis on Thursday said that there was "very little doubt" Russia has attempted to interfere in democratic elections in the past.

"There is very little doubt that they have either interfered or attempted to interfere in a number of elections in democracies," Mattis said while answering questions at NATO headquarters in Brussels.

He added that he does not feel compelled to respond to Russian officials who were not pleased with his call to deal with Moscow from a position of strength.
"I have no need to respond to the Russian statement at all. NATO has always stood for military strength and protection of democracies and the freedoms we intend to pass on to our children," he said.


"folks" FUCK YOU eom

Update on Vladimir Kara-Murza, Jr. - appears to be credible source (only update I could find) -

From yesterday:

LIVE UPDATES: Opposition journalist Vladimir Kara-Murza, Jr., believed to have been poisoned again for his work, has been moved out of intensive care and is on the mend, his lawyer reports.

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