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Question for Nevadans re: Catherine Cortez Masto's senate reelection

Heard Steve Kornacky earlier saying her reelection is in danger. The polls indicate Nevada is currently right-leaning:

What are yall hearing on the ground? I certainly hope with her strong fundraising and being a sitting senator she'll come out strong in November.

Need help on assessment of the VFW

Question for military members of the forum:
My hubby is a navy veteran and recently just joined the VFW since he wants to participate in volunteering activities to help other vets. My concern is we don't quite know the political affiliations of the VFW and would like your input re: whether the organization overall is liberal or RW, and your assessment of their various causes for vets. TIA

Breaking: Finnish Parliament's Defence Committee Recommends NATO Membership

Source: U.S. News

HELSINKI (Reuters) - Joining NATO is the best option for Finland to guarantee its national security, the Finnish Parliament's defence committee said on Tuesday, ahead of Finland's official decision on whether or not to join the Western defence union in the coming days.

Finland's membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) would significantly increase the deterrent for becoming a target of Russia's aggression, the defence committee concluded in a statement.

Read more: https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2022-05-10/finnish-parliaments-defence-committee-recommends-nato-membership

Yay Finns!! Get ready for Putin to lob threats their way.

MSNBC Morning Joe: President Biden's approval numbers have ticked up

President Biden's approval numbers have ticked up from 37 to 42 percent in new Washington Post/ABC News polling. Also, Republicans have lost ground in a generic congressional ballot.

Yay MoJoe!!!

MSN: Vladimir Putin's Iron Grip on Russia Begins To Slip


Russian President Vladimir Putin's famously iron grip on his country could be loosening, amid several signs of dissent as he continues the invasion of neighboring Ukraine.
Since Russia launched what it described as a "special military operation" on February 24, there have been widespread protests, prominent individuals speaking out against the invasion, and a senior adviser to Putin leaving the country and being removed from his position.

More than 15,000 protesters have been detained across 151 Russian cities since the start of the war, according to OVID-Info, an independent human rights media project that describes itself as monitoring "political persecution in Russia."

OVID-Info reports that there have been daily antiwar protests. The group is offering legal assistance to those detained and providing information about their situation.

Alot more details in the article. The butcher of Bucha's days are numbered...

MSNBC Morning Joe: What the media doesn't show about Western support for Ukraine -- and can't


Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezinski discuss what the media doesn't and can't show about the Western world's support for Ukraine, and why. "There's a lack of proper context in news, in what Americans are seeing and what Americans are reading," Joe says. The "massive amount of weapons that are moving from Poland into Ukraine" have to be handled quietly by the government, and news media is not invited. "It's giving Americans a skewed sense."

The hosts' blabbering & Joe's shouting at times gets to me, but in this case i agree with them and glad they're pointing out the fact all the work in the background on transfer of arms, intelligence support, etc. are not publicized (probably asked not to) by the American MSM.

CBS: Blinken says NATO countries have "green light" to send fighter jets to Ukraine

Source: CBS

Washington Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Sunday that NATO members have the go-ahead to send fighter jets to Ukraine as the U.S. and allies continue their efforts to help Ukraine defend itself against Russia's invasion.

"That gets a green-light," Blinken said in an interview with "Face the Nation" when asked whether the Polish government, a member of NATO, could send fighter planes to Ukraine. "In fact, we're talking with our Polish friends right now about what we might be able to do to backfill their needs if in fact they choose to provide these fighter jets to the Ukrainians. What can we do? How can we help to make sure that they get something to backfill the planes that they are handing over to the Ukrainians?"

Transcript: Secretary of State Antony Blinken on "Face the Nation"

Read more: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/ukraine-russia-war-fighter-jets-antony-blinken-face-the-nation/

We stand with Ukraine!!

General Petraeus said on CNN that putin will not win this war

crux of his message: While they may take a city they cannot hold it given the resolve of ukrainians to fight back.

This is encouraging after the horrific reports of setbacks this morning as the russians are advancing.

Post edit: i was amazed Gen. Petraeus named Angela Merkel to broker a ceasefire.

MSN: After Russia invaded Ukraine, Credit Suisse asked investors to destroy documents linked to olig

After Russia invaded Ukraine, Credit Suisse asked investors to destroy documents linked to oligarch yacht loans, report says:


Credit Suisse asked investors to destroy documents tied to oligarchs' yacht and jet loans, the FT reported
The bank said the request was after a data leak to the media but didn't specify which one, per the FT.
It comes as the US, UK, and the EU sanctioned Russian oligarchs in the wake of Ukraine's invasion.

Hmmm so on the one hand the Swiss are supporting EU sanctions against Russia

while OTOH one of its top banks is canoodling with Russian oligarchs

Powerful MeidasTouch video: #DefeatPutin

I had tears in my eyes. The world needs to stand in solidarity with Ukrainians & Russians who do NOT want war upon their brothers & sisters.
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