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WOW!! New Mexico Democrats

A couple days ago as the hubby & i were roadtripping to Taos, on the way we passed through a small town called Mora. Many residents had lined the main road we were on waiting eagerly for a parade to come by. This as we would learn later is one of many fiestas throughout NM. One bunch of residents had a big sign that read 'Mora Democrats'. Recognizing we had something in common with these good townspeople, i instinctively rolled down the car window, waived my hand at them & yelled 'Hello fellow Democrats!' to the shock & laughter of my hubby & college age daughter. A few of the stunned residents smiled & waived back. They probably thought i was nuts but i had to show them my support.
Then earlier today as we went into Taos historic district there was another fiesta - this parade longer with alot more floats & residents out to revel. To my further surprise there were quite a few Democratic candidates & their supporters taking part in this fiesta - Michelle Lujan Grisham for governor, Tom Udall for US senate (i believe for reelection), Ben Ray Lujan for US congressional reelection, & at least 4 more Dems candidates for local & state positions. In contrast there were no GOP candidates. The Taos Democratic society members were also out marching proudly with a large sign & float as well. With all thats transpired over the past couple days i needed this picker upper, & couldn't be more proud to be a Democrat. Clearly New Mexicans weren't shy about flaunting their party affiliation. They've given me the inspiration to keep up the resistance in my own home town.

Confirmed: RNC Chair Reince Priebus was at Trump Tower for Donald Trump Jr.s Russia meeting

Source: Palmer Report

On the morning of the meeting in question, which is confirmed to have taken place at Trump Tower, an Associated Press reporter named Jonathan Lemire tweeted that he had just seen Reince Priebus walking into the building (link). This isn’t proof that Priebus was in the boardroom for the meeting, but it in confirmation that he was in Trump Tower for the meeting. There was no other reason for him to have shown up there. There was a RNC fundraiser in New York that day, but it was at a different building.

CNN is reporting tonight that Donald Trump Jr.’s attorney has coughed up some details about the eighth person at the meeting, insisting that the person was a “U.S. citizen” and was “not employed by the Russian government” while referring to the individual as having been a man (link). Junior’s attorney was attempting to make things sound more innocent by confirming that the eighth person wasn’t yet another Russian government representative. But instead, he ended up offering a description that just happens to fit Reince Priebus.

It’s important to note that during the time of this meeting, Priebus was still the Chair of the Republican National Committee, and he wasn’t working for the Donald Trump campaign in any way shape or form. So if he was in the meeting, it means the titular head of the Republican Party was officially in on the plot to conspire with the Russian government to rig the election on Donald Trump’s behalf. Look for proof soon that Priebus was not only in Trump Tower for the meeting, but physically in the meeting as well.

Read more: http://www.palmerreport.com/politics/confirmed-rnc-chair-reince-priebus-trump-russia-meeting/3911/

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