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J_William_Ryan's Journal
J_William_Ryan's Journal
October 14, 2017

The Ultimate Tragedy of Trump: the End of Our Constitutional Republic

The United States is a Constitutional Republic, whose citizens are subject solely to the rule of law, not men – as men are incapable of ruling justly; state laws which seek to compel a woman to give birth against her will or deny same-sex couples access to marriage law are evidence of that.

And in our Constitutional Republic our rights and protected liberties are not subject to the ‘will of the people,’ our rights and protected liberties are not determined by ‘majority rule,’ they are inalienable, neither bestowed by, nor subject to, any government, constitution, or man.

This will come to an end before the conclusion of Trump’s first term, the consequence of Trump judicial appointments.

Justice Kennedy will likely be the first, replaced by a hateful, bigoted reactionary conservative hostile to the Constitution and its case law, an adherent to the wrongheaded judicial dogma known as ‘originalism,’ where the states will once again be at liberty to discriminate against women and minorities, whose rights and protected liberties will be lost to the hateful ‘will of the people.’

Last, should a Democratic president be elected in 2020, it will be far too late to repair the damage the consequence of Trump judicial appointments.

‘Those [who voted for Trump] cared little about the intricacies of constitutional interpretation. But they got the message that Trump would return rights to those who once were able to control women's reproductive decisions, have an exclusive right to marry, and whose economic interests were protected against threats from "foreigners."’


May 16, 2017

Pelosi Is Correct No Impeachment of Trump

Whatever Pelosi’s faults and failings, she’s exhibiting political wisdom in this regard.

The Senate would never convict Trump, and he would go into the 2020 General Election ‘exonerated,’ having put the ‘Russia Thing’ behind him.

Indeed, if Trump were forced out of office Pence would be president – and Pence is worse than Trump; Pence would also have a better chance of winning the presidency in 2020, and we’d be facing a likely 12 years of incompetent Republican rule, something America would clearly not survive.

No, Trump needs to be removed from office by the American people, the same voters who put him in office, where those voters acknowledge that they were wrong in 2016 and have corrected their mistake by electing a Democrat president in 2020.

March 3, 2017

Trump and the Russia Thing

Last Tuesday Trump addressed Congress in a speech that was tedious, divisive, and dishonest – but because he got through the address without sounding like a deranged buffoon, the media, in their never-ending effort to normalize the idiot Trump, hailed the address as ‘presidential,’ co-workers in my office Wednesday remarked that Trump ‘did good,’ and Trump supporters likely believed that this failed administration had ‘turned the corner’ and was on its way to winning reelection in 2020.

Then it was reported Wednesday that Sessions had lied to Congress during his confirmation hearing, that he indeed had made contact with Russian officials during last year’s presidential campaign, when during his hearing he said he had not.

The ‘Russia Thing’ isn’t going to go away, it will continue to hobble the administration for the foreseeable future, undermining any success it might realize.

And the more the administration continues to oppose efforts to get to the truth, opposes a comprehensive, bi-partisan, objective investigation by a special prosecutor, and continues to lie to conceal Trump’s involvement with Russia, the greater the likelihood the ‘Russia Thing’ ends this administration come 2020.

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