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If trump loses, I'm going to Washington with the militia

What a bunch of violent sore losers. If they don’t get their way, they get violent and angry like a spoiled child. Hopefully the authorities are monitoring this idiot in case he does anything.

Link to article

Florida moms stupidity results in daughters death

When I saw this, I had to share it. This woman is a piece of dog shit, she is a god awful person and a shitty mom. I don’t want to here “don’t tell me how to parent my kid” being argued, her neglect and stupidity got her daughter killed so you know what I can call her out on her parenting. This fucking woman enraged me soooooooo much, her dumb beliefs ended up costing her daughter her life. Here as an excerpt from the article:

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigated the teen’s last two week in the medical examiner’s report, which Jones said shows her mother, Carole Brunton Davis, had taken her June 10 to a church-sponsored event to intentionally expose her immunocompromised daughter, who had survived cancer at 2, to the potentially deadly coronavirus.

More than 100 mask-free children attended the event, and Davis gave her daughter azithromycin, an anti-bacterial drug with no known benefits for fighting COVID-19, after she developed headaches, sinus pressure and a cough, Jones reported.

This woman deserves to spend the rest of her life in prison for what happened to her daughter.

Link to article:

Idiot on Facebook actually believes this bullshit

I came across this on Facebook, it was posted by a woman who is a friend of a friend and wow is this woman nuts! The fucked up thing about it is that people actually believe this bullshit. I mean the post below is filed with the ramblings of someone who has been radicalized.
There was a lot more that I cut out because if I didn’t this post would never end. I am amazed and stumped that people like this can make it through life being this insane.

“ The president gave you the right to try and told you what the Cure was as he cleaned up the nursing homes that were death camps. He put back the equipment that Obamacare took out that allows them the ability to quarantine you if you have something infectious like staff MRSA SARS Corona
He gave them more ventilators then they could ever use. He grabbed the World Bank by the balls and printed the money to sustain the country without debt. He fast-tracked infrastructure so that we could be self-sustaining exporting the Surplus mining are own Rare Earth minerals and other resources oil excetera. He blocked China from robbing Us blind and blocked them from infecting us before we could scale up . He dropped the price of oil bankrupting the globalist New World Order idiots. He just yanked all the money from the World Health Organization colluding with the Bill Gates Foundation the Clinton foundation and China and the Soros Foundation that was going to use their partnership with the United Nations Peace Force to roll across our border under this hyped pandemic scare. He continued to fast-track the tank barrier at the southern border against the United Nations so-called peace force that has nothing to do with peace. He locked down everything by playing along so that he could wrap up the dangerous criminals minimizing collateral damage.”

MAGA kid thinks he did nothing wrong

I saw the NBC article tonight and it’s amazing how these Trunpers always try to make themselves look like the victim( in this kids case he is Vic Dumb) and fail to see how deplorable their actions are. From the NBC article:

Sandmann, who said he has received death threats, strongly disputed characterizations that he is a racist, saying: "I am mortified that so many people have come to believe something that did not happen — that students from my school were chanting or acting in a racist fashion toward African Americans or Native Americans."

The kid is wearing a MAGA hat which screams “I am a racist asshole”.

Link: [link:https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/young-man-d-c-march-video-denounces-outright-lies-about-n960801|

Friends of the family call relationship with a Muslim woman an abomination

These friends (now former) told my parents that what I am doing is wrong and an abomination. They have said horrible things about Muslims (as well as black people) every horrible racial slur and stereotype you can think of about Muslims they used. The fact that they focus so much on her race and religion instead of her character is disgustingly ignorant and closed minded. Their racism blinds them from seeing how beautiful she is and how happy she makes me. I always knew there were racist people in our society but I never realized that I used to call some of them friends.

I am happy that a forum exists on DU to have conversations about mixed race relationships and the challenges that we face.

Ted Nugent whines hes a victim of hate speech after his attack on Parkland teens backfires

NRA board member Ted Nugent isn’t backing down from his attacks on the Parkland high school mass shooting student survivors. “I stand by my words,” the rock star said in a Facebook videoSaturday night. On Good Friday Nugent had declared that the teenaged student survivors who are advocating for gun control so no other children have to die in a school massacre, “have no soul.”

On Saturday, in a rambling rant (below) about the media that was filled with inaccuracies Nugent said that news outlets including CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and HuffPost, along with organizations including Media Matters, MoveOn.org, and the Southern Poverty Law Center, had “claimed that it’s hate speech to identify the hate of people that call us child murderers, because we don’t believe in banning guns, which won’t save any lives.”

Mind you, this a guy who shit his pants to dodge the draft.

More here: [link:https://www.rawstory.com/2018/04/ted-nugent-whines-hes-victim-hate-speech-attack-parkland-teens-backfires/|

Bob Young is an idiot

This guy is an absolute idiot and needs to be stopped. His video is filled with lies and talks about "our religious liberty" meaning "if you are not Christian then go fuck yourself". This guy is running for senate and needs to be stopped.


When you have to be around Trump supporters

Memorial day weekend is upon us and a number of us will have to be surrounded by Trump supporters. With this comes with the feeling of having to hold your tongue and not offend Trump supporters with what they hate most "facts". So in the past I would avoid the politics issue (for the most part), but I cannot sit by and allow this to happen anymore. For some reason unknown to me, Republican supporters are always allowed to bring up their political views any time any where but liberals are always pressured to "keep it down so you don't upset the idiots".

So today I will be stuck in close proximity to Trump supporters all day. If politics are brought up, I am not going to shy away from the facts anymore. I am done hand holding Republicans just so I do not upset them with what they fear most, the facts. So for those of you stuck in the same situation I am in I wish you the best of luck and hope your day goes well.

Newt Gingrich warns of major actions during President Obama's final weeks in office

Professional liar and hypocrite Newt Gingrich took a shot at President Obama this past Sunday stating:
“His legacy is like one of those dolls that, as the air comes out of it, shrinks and shrink and shrinks,” Gingrich told Fox News on Sunday. “The things he’s done this week will be turned around … He’s in this desperate frenzy.”

He goes on to say:
“I think in the opening couple days, he’s going to repeal 60 to 70 percent of Obama’s legacy by simply vetoing out all of the various executive orders that Obama used because he couldn’t get anything through Congress,” he said.

The republicans obstructed and interfered with anything President Obama wanted to get done to help the American people. The republicans were so against working with President Obama it was borderline treason.

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