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Member since: Sat Dec 3, 2016, 03:31 PM
Number of posts: 1,497

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Liberal, gay, tree hugging activist whenever I can afford.

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I can get behind this, Kamala Harris for President!


News from the alternate timeline I briefly visited today:

As I dreamed during my noontime quick nap today, the transporter officer taking me to dreamland found my degraded pattern in the buffer lying dormant for 15 months now. She tried and tried to beam me back to the alternate universe where the only Donald Trump news on my feed was about some idiotic rehash of "lock her up" in response to a Fox story framing President H. Clinton deleting a spam email about the Hannity-concocted democratic election fund fraud as circular proof of imaginary guilt on President Clinton's part.
Yet as she valiantly attempted to flash me back onto the alternate split-off earth timeline created November 11th 2016, the day the media broke the story of Trump's Russian collusive interference in our voting system disqualifying Donald as a viable candidate, invalidating Trump's electoral college win as treasonous and Hillary accepting Donald's concession in trade for immunity from prosecution,
I was only able to visit the unidentified starship lounge in partially molecular disassociated form, but aware enough to read a few headlines from the last 15 months! I only vaguely recall some of them, as my coalescing vision was still shimmering. The ones I recall:
"Republican congressional majority still blocking ClintonCare card distribution efforts."
"Nazi racist protesters angry at Clinton's new "Welcome freedom-seeking immigrants" program clashed in Charlottesville, Va today caused one protester attempting a vehicular ram into the anti-racism vigil side, running a stop sign T-boned another vehicle, nearly missing several pedestrians. Only a few minor injuries resulted, but driver James Alex Fields Jr awaits arraignment in county jail"
"Republicans today again successfully blocked the democratic student debt reduction plan. Senator Sanders plans to push his bill to the back burner for 9 more months, awaiting post midterm expected majority switch"
"The new, "New Inshallah" middle eastern coalition successes towards peacefully disarm ISIL radicals praised by nearly all U.S. senators today. Donald Trump tweeted from Mar-a Lago "Despite the constant Hillary-praising press covfefe" gaffed response brings outrageous laughter worldwide as no follow up clarification came from Trump all day, but insiders speculate his caregiver intercepted this as another attempt to stir anti-Islamic outragefrom his Twitter followers. Donald may have been well medicated as followers await his next insult"
"Democrats bring enough Republicans to win Wage Rights Bill 112, millions of minimum wage earners shout of glee heard worldwide"
"Prisoner college programs expected to possibly decrease crime recidivism by up to 60 percent, according to Psychology Today article" "Senator Mitch McConnell spouts skeptical retort to the defeat of his "Let them Rot there" bill."
"New automatic and semi-automatic weapon registration, licensure and locking cabinet requirements discovered to be far easier than expected by NRA protestors with only a few holdouts still refusing to cooperate. New laws suspected to be effective in warding off planned massacre by angry, disgruntled student Nikolas Cruz in Broward County florida." Media interview with Cruz reveals the attempt to break into the gun store that night to obtain illegal firearms and subsequent arrest boosts national gun locker participation gave him "time to think about what a horrible thing he had planned". Cruz remains in therapeutic center awaiting breaking and entering sentencing.
"Peace talk roundtable continues, lead by Secretary of State Pelosi, nearly reaching the eastern coalition accord to reduce nuclear arsenals worldwide"
"MexiCali/Calexico fence-rammers finally win, becoming one city under two national regimes as rebuilding costs considered wasteful compared to any usefulness, bringing U.S. and Mexico closer to open border agreement. Jerry Brown and Enrique Peña Nieto shook hands at the former fence site, bringing shouts of glee from both sides of the "Ciudad Puerta Nueva".
"All world powers join in signing new stiffer Paris Accord carbon reduction mandates, much to the chagrin of the Koch empire" "Charles and David huff about the 1 cent cost increase in their paper towels having to reach consumer's to keep their profits viable, causes backlash in Koch product consumer and national contract losses. No one will miss the "Brawny" man for a cleaner world"
"Women's wage equalization bill passed with nearly unanimous support today".
That's all I can remember through the wavering haze, DUer's, unfortunately just as I began to coalesce into the real reality we are all supposed to be living in, the new, cleaner, hopeful world, several of the gelpack circuit conduits blew as Donald Trump tweeted the word "FAKE" back at the fake reality here. The transport operator quickly apologized as I fizzled back awake again to the Trumpian/Rethuglican mess. The gelpacks just couldn't handle the divergent reality U.S.A. B.S. overload I suppose, and I awoke:
disgusted and lost appetite for the lunch I had placed in the microwave the reality timeline correction crew found me through.
But remembering the transporter operator shouting at me: We'll try again to bring you all back soon as we repair..." and then she faded away.

I agree with the Donald, we need a great wall, and mexico will be happy to help all us snowflakes

Pay for it. All the way around a new asylum to house and administer treatment for the soon to be de-throned Donald. Numerous other dangerous psychopaths such as Lush Rimbaugh and Hawn Sanity, for example could join him. They need treatment, and such may involve numerous sessions of ECT. I don't think many of them will need sedation for it, they're already numbskulls. For the protection of staff identities there, I suggest Muslim style full hijabs should be readily available. Construction and maintenance costs could be minimized if BLM land along our southern border could be used for it's location. I suggest adding a transparent portion of the wall where the inpatients there could view the new, gleaming open and free skybridge across the Rio Grande.
Seriously for a moment here, it seems long past time that the fully delusional sort need restraint and end their erosion of all our collective mental health.
Until that possibility, I'm putting out this tidbit of humorous folly to help whoever reads it to get through their day.

Time to re-share this:

I shared this here and on facebook in November. It helped cushion the shock with hearing exactly what I could not better express.
Because, ignoramus right wing fuckwads: how prophetic could Tess have been?:
"when all of this is over, you will have NOTHING that you wanted."

RWNJ martyrs

I don't have any other plausible explanation for why the RWNJ's want to stage (stooge?) these "patriot" rallies smack in rival territories especially at this time. Perhaps a few are just seeking media attention, and unfortunately they are getting it:
Great. Now they have victimization boo-hoo's to share on their Breitbart and other hate sites. Nothing to compare to the gun and vehicular assault and murder of Charlottesville yet, but they certainly are poising their potential martyrs.
My Mendo/Lake colleagues and friends were all afraid to attend any activities in the city this weekend for fear of violence that didn't happen there.
I only have these words of wisdom to offer those of the anarchist and Antifa variety: Both Barack Obama and Jesus have the best advice: Turn the other cheek. Be the adult in the room. Calm yourselves in the face of idiotic RWNJ's. and:
Give them enough rope. They're already managing to hang themselves.

Shell shock

I've found myself having to take hiatuses from the news cycle. I stand fairly confident there are hoardes of other Democrats in the same conundrum, ducking and dodging to avoid the immersion tactics of plethora media to remind us all daily of Donny the Bully. I've found I'm often unable to post commentary near as often as I did before the great Shocknado of November, the concurrent DU hacking not only via sheer avoidance of feeling like I'm commenting on asinine garbage I thought we'd collectively gotten past decades ago, but avoiding the emboldened trolls.
I don't post under the same handle I did before, I utilized the DU crash to repackage a previous handle that had me "typecast".
It sickens me to read of HuffyFrump attacking the vulnerable as a bully does. Not like we didn't see it coming.
And makes me hope with 10 times the fervor that wasn't so all consuming during the dark days of Bush II that enough of the Frump loyalists have finally heard enough of the tantrum to behave as responsible adults by 2020.
Regretting any commentary that I may have posted prior to these PTS disordered days that could have been co-opted by the trolls to strengthen their base's resolve.

Focus on your own damn Family, Pence!!!

Pence promises hate group they have President Trump’s ‘unwavering support’:

***Lambchopp shudders***:
I'd wondered for 2 years at my place of employment why one certain 300 lb employee always got a look on her face like she smelled something bad every time I saw her.
Then came the day our lunchtime coincided, she smugly folded up her FOTF rag and looked for somewhere else to eat... somewhere away from this terrible queer man.
So badly I'd like to say to her:
"Focus on your own damn Family!!!"

I'm posting this link here, because what is said in the videos is a teachable moment

applicable any time anyone hurls an insensitive slur.
as well as get a load of the dozens of zingers thrown about. Wow.

metaphysical vs. metaphor

Any religion can be utilized to sow the seeds of hate and division, or turn on the grey matter, filter the garbage and sow the seeds of love, awareness and actualization that we're all on this speck of dust in space together.

Me? I'll stand by this guy:

Their witch-hunt commences:

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