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Member since: Mon Dec 5, 2016, 05:05 PM
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Melanoma needs a new PR team

Think about First Ladies past, from Mamie Eisenhower to Pat Nixon to Michelle Obama. Do you believe that any of those women would let their husbands be in the hospital alone--even if it's for "only a few days"--especially if she had the same illness and would not catch anything from him?

It's not like Trump is lying there in a ward, with rows of beds separated only by curtains; he's in a goddam suite, and I would bet the farm that there is at least one other bedroom in that suite.

She hasn't even visited him. Her "people" say that that's out of concern for the health of all the staff who would be exposed to her own COVID. So she's staying in the WH without any staff to take care of her?

She doesn't want to leave her young son alone? A. If it's "only a few days," he would probably enjoy some time off from mom, and B. The boy is fine, old enough to look after himself, with lots of people to take care of him, vs. her old-man husband who has a serious disease and is alone in the hospital. Give me a break.

He is an elderly man with a serious illness, alone in the hospital. When my father was in the hospital for cancer surgery, my mother brought a pillow from home and slept in the recliner next to his bed. Can you seriously believe Nancy Reagan would allow Ronnie to be there, sick, without someone to go tell the nurse to bring some fresh water, or to plump his pillow, or to read to him?

It wouldn't even have to be a genuine expression of love and concern. If it only gave the impression that she was a sentient human being, it would be a win, for her and for him.

If he's feeling so good

and working so hard, why is he in the damn hospital? Send him back to the WH and use that hospital bed for someone who needs it.

Oh, right. Everything about him is a lie.
Posted by cyclonefence | Sat Oct 3, 2020, 11:50 PM (9 replies)

"Well wishes"

I get it, I really do. You wish someone well, so you must be sending them "well wishes."

Nope. "Well" is an adverb; you use that to describe an action--you are wishing the person (to be) well. The wishes you send can't be well--wishes, afaik, aren't susceptible to illness or wellness.

What you're sending is *good* wishes. Good is an adjective, which is used to describe things. The wishes you are sending are good ones. They can't be well because wishes don't get sick.

Don't say "Thanks for all the well wishes." You will sound like a moron. Say "Thanks for all the good wishes."

/rant off

Just heard the first "well wishes" on CNN and thought I'd speak up. It won't do any good, of course.
Posted by cyclonefence | Sat Oct 3, 2020, 07:01 PM (4 replies)

CNN asked Dr. Fauci to comment, but he couldn't stop giggling. n/t

Posted by cyclonefence | Sat Oct 3, 2020, 12:31 AM (3 replies)

News Flash! Proud Boys Refuse to Masturbate!

per Stephen Colbert last night.

This, if true, explains a lot. Semen backup can cause a lot of problems.
Posted by cyclonefence | Thu Oct 1, 2020, 08:37 AM (7 replies)

Grocery Shopping

Going to the grocery store used to be a major form of exercise for me. Our local Giant is really big, and even if I bought only a few items I walked every aisle. I bet it was close to 3/4 mile, and I did it several times a week.

After Covid struck, my husband, whose at-riskness is less than my own, did our shopping, which was OK except for my exercise and the fact that he bought imitation vanilla extract ("Do you know how much genuine vanilla extract costs??"

I am shy about shopping online, except for Amazon, so it took me a while to look at the Giant's shopping service, but now that I've mastered the website, I highly recommend it for those of us who shouldn't be going to the grocery store.

First of all, it costs $2.95 per visit. For that fee, they fill your shopping cart following a list you give them via their website. It all goes on your credit card. They bring the cart out to your car, which is parked in a designated area, after you have phoned to let them know you're there, and they put your groceries in the trunk.

It took me a while to figure out how to get to "explore all aisles," but after that I was good to go. Anything you can buy in person--fresh-sliced deli, vitamins--you can get via this service.

I'm very happy with it. If you think you might be interested, try it with a small order (chalk the $2.95 to educational costs). You could also bundle orders with neighbors or family members.

I'm sure other large grocery chains offer the same service, and I don't mean to advertise for Giant, but it's the one I know about.

I don't understand why the polling gap isn't bigger

Granted, we live in SE PA, but in a working class area where yard signs for Trump were everywhere (and HUGE) in 2016. We drove around Levittown the other day just to count signs. Not a whole lot of Biden signs--we Biden supporters are afraid of what the Trumpers will do--I think we counted four. Only *one* Trump sign in a region which was gung-ho Trump last time around.

Lots of signs for Rep. Ryan Fitzpatrick, every one of them saying "voted most independent".

I guess W PA is so strong for Trump that that's enough to explain why the difference is only 9 points. It's sad to think of so many people with their heads up their asses.

Rich people don't need tax cuts

I am sure that Donald Trump's paying such low or no taxes is absolutely legal, taking advantage of our byzantine tax code. His is not unique; the majority of wealthy people don't pay much or anything in taxes. The experts who fill out their returns are not from H&R Block. They are specialists who understand how to use tax laws to benefit their clients.

The big story here is the demonstration to the public of how disgusting and greedy wealthy people are when it comes to grasping for even more money. They don't need a tax break. They don't need a reduction in the amount of tax they pay, yet they support figures like Trump--and many honest Republicans, if such still exist--who want to lower their practically non-existent taxes still further.

This is what needs to be pointed out, every time a tax cut for the wealthy is proposed.

There was a political party in Philadelphia in 1976 called the "Get the Rich Off My Back" party. We should all join.

We are feeding the troll

Reports that Trump is gleeful about the panicked reaction of Democrats to his toothless threats not to leave the White House, not to accept the results of the election, not to guarantee a peaceful transition of power confirm what we already know about this peabrain and his followers: they live to own the libs.The more they believe we've swallowed what they're selling, the more outrageous their product will be.

I think there is a danger of civil unrest when Biden wins the election, but I think the only people truly committed to supporting a losing Trump are ideologues whose motivations are beyond me, like Barr and Graham, and the thousands of idiots who don't know how to wipe themselves.

Our best strategy is to stop reacting publicly, especially in panic mode. We need to plan, of course--I think it's especially important to make sure the armed forces are ready to support and defend the Constitution, which shouldn't be too difficult given the disrespect the current commander-in-chief has shown them, and line up Constitutional lawyers ready with writs and stays.

But the more we scream and tear our hair, the better he likes it, and I see no reason why we should give him any joy at all, even if his threats are not groundless. No need to ice his cake for him.
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