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Gender: Male
Member since: Wed Dec 21, 2016, 01:42 PM
Number of posts: 4,407

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A Presidential Pivot or a Deal?

Trump was the President that a Republican Congress wanted on Tuesday. No egoistic rants about false crowds or landslides, no fake news whining, a response to calls to condemn anti-Antisemitism, even if just for form's sake. Just hardcore Republican promises to tear down regulations, deport people, repeal healthcare reform and screw the environment. No Trumpy distractions.

Trump hasn't attacked a single thing or person or thing on Twitter in over three days.

Is Trump turning over a new leaf on his own, or is there more to this. Is this his concession to keep Congress from forcing an independent investigation? Did McConnell and Ryan let them know that if he wants to stay, he has to jump into line?

Problem is, too many people trying to pull too many strings on this "useful idiot." Is he the marionette of the Russians, the Congress, or the alt-right? If they each are holding a string, the puppet show could become very interesting...

"Jobs for 'loyal' Americans"

Did anyone else notice that Trump said yesterday at the Boeing plant that his Administration will work to create jobs for all "loyal" Americans?

I find that a very concerning use of an adjective. Presidents don't usually link economic growth to loyalty. Loyal to what and who? Is it going to be their plans to create jobs in only states and areas that voted for Trump using infrastructure programs? Is it going to be a justification for not creating job programs in coastal cities, especially inner cities?

Even if it is just Bannon rhetoric, is is truly fascist and troubling rhetoric.

Thanks for the heart!

Really surprised this relative newcomer to the site.

Fight on folks!

A moment of silence for the victims of the Bowling Green Massacre...

truth and reality.
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