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The Daily 202: Wiretapping allegations accomplished what Trump wanted but may backfire bigly

THE BIG IDEA: It is easy to pooh-pooh Donald Trump’s predawn Saturday tweetstorm – accusing Barack Obama of the worst political crimes since Watergate while offering no evidence – as an undisciplined rant from someone who has long embraced conspiracy theories.

That neither gives the president enough credit nor reflects the gravity of his unfounded accusations.

It is past time to dispense with the fiction that Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He is trying to distract us. And, at least this weekend, he succeeded.



-- Trump’s approach to crisis management continues to be guided by the Roy Cohn playbook. “This is McCarthyism!” Trump said, as he attacked Obama for supposedly wiretapping him, on Saturday. There was great irony to this. Cohn, after all, was Joe McCarthy’s chief counsel on the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations during the early 1950s. Two decades later, he became one of Trump’s biggest mentors during a formative phase of his life.

-- Cohn’s creed was to always be on the attack, to counter-punch whenever punched and to never apologize. Never, ever, ever apologize. He believed that you never yield an inch, even if you’re in the wrong, because your opponents will take a mile.

-- “The man who showed Trump how to exploit power and instill fear” is how The Post’s Robert O'Harrow Jr. and Shawn Boburg described him in a story last June: “Trump was a brash scion of a real estate empire, a young developer anxious to leave his mark on New York. Cohn was a legendary New York fixer, a ruthless lawyer in the hunt for new clients. They came together by chance one night at Le Club, a hangout for Manhattan’s rich and famous. Trump introduced himself to Cohn, who was sitting at a nearby table, and sought advice: How should he and his father respond to Justice Department allegations that their company had systematically discriminated against black people seeking housing? ‘My view is tell them to go to hell,’ Cohn said, ‘and fight the thing in court.’ It was October 1973 and the start of one of the most influential relationships of Trump’s career.”




Trump FREAKING OUT over Sessions Fallout!

(CNN) President Donald Trump is extremely frustrated with his senior staff and communications team for allowing the firestorm surrounding Attorney General Jeff Sessions to steal his thunder in the wake of his address to Congress, sources tell CNN.

"Nobody has seen him that upset," one source said, adding the feeling was the communications team allowed the Sessions news, which the administration deemed a nonstory, to overtake the narrative.

On Thursday, Sessions recused himself from any current or future investigations into ties between Russia and the Trump campaign after it was reported he had met with the Russian ambassador to the US, something he had previously failed to disclose.


Edit -


"Trump reportedly went 'ballistic' over Sessions recusal amid Russia firestorm

President Donald Trump was outraged Friday over Attorney General Jeff Sessions' recusal from investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 campaign, according to media reports.

Trump hauled his key advisers into the Oval Office on Friday afternoon before he departed for Palm Beach, Florida, and went "ballistic" over Sessions' recusal, ABC News reported, citing senior White House sources....

After the meeting, Bannon and Priebus offered to stay behind in Washington, rather than accompanying Trump to Florida as planned, according to ABC News. Trump reportedly agreed they should remain behind, and their names were removed from the passenger manifest."


Thousands of supporters 'March 4 Trump' at rallies across USA

The rallies also intended to show unity in the face of what organizers call "a seditious fringe" aiming to sabotage Trump's vision for the country.
According to the organizer's website, rallies were scheduled in some 50 cities, including Nashville, Phoenix, Boston, Denver, Miami, and St. Paul, and even Berkeley, Calif. In several cities, the rallies were met by counter-demonstrations and some arrests.


Read that first paragraph carefully.

The "seditious fringe" these bastards are referring to is US.

Republican Strategist Hit Trump With The Truth That FBI Has Warrant To Investigate Russia Ties

Not only does a president not order wiretapping, but national Republican political strategist and media consultant Rick Wilson reminded President Trump this morning that the wiretapping was hardly a secret, the FBI was granted a FISA warrant in October covering Trump’s ties to Russia:

Rick Wilson ✔ @TheRickWilson
Just a reminder that this wasn't a secret: http://bit.ly/2m5KzXE via @LouiseMensch
9:40 AM - 4 Mar 2017

Wilson mocked Trump for sounding like Nixon but with “Trumpbart brittle”, “I love this tweet. This is ‘I am not a crook’ wrapped in the Caine Mutiny, covered in Trumpbart brittle, and with a creamy nougat filling.”

Rick Wilson ✔ @TheRickWilson
I love this tweet. This is "I am not a crook" wrapped in the Caine Mutiny, covered in Trumpbart brittle, and with a creamy nougat filling. …
9:27 AM - 4 Mar 2017

Wilson is saying that Trump is projecting his guilt. Intelligence expert Malcolm Nance said on MSNBC’s Joy Reid this is the kind of behavior you see when a target starts getting “buggy.”

Meanwhile, many in the intelligence community are saying new info will be dropped that will be “the least convenient facts in American political history.”



from WIRED magazine -

IT STARTED, LIKE so many eruptions these days, with a tweet.

Early Saturday morning, President Trump fired off a series of tweets accusing, without evidence, former President Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower in the month before the election. Trump compared the alleged snooping to “Nixon/Watergate,” and intimated legal action....

“You can’t tap the phones of a political candidate for political purposes,” says Doss.

What you could you tap them for? Acting as a foreign power, or as an agent of a foreign power. In other words, spying against US interests with both knowledge and intent....

If federal authorities did have cause to listen in on Trump Tower, though, and they provided enough evidence for a FISA court to approve the snooping, Obama is not the one who ought to worry.


Former Obama Adviser Humiliates Trump By Explaining That Presidents Can't Order Wiretaps

After Donald Trump had accused President Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower before the election, former Obama Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes told Trump that it is because of people like him that presidents don’t have the power to order wiretaps.

Ben Rhodes ✔ @brhodes
No President can order a wiretap. Those restrictions were put in place to protect citizens from people like you. …

Trump’s tweets caught the White House off-guard, because they had no idea that he was going to launch into a conspiracy about Obama tapping his phones:

Donald J. Trump‏ @realDonaldTrump

I'd bet a good lawyer could make a great case out of the fact that President Obama was tapping my phones in October, just prior to Election

Former Obama Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes dropped some a humiliating facts on Trump

There is a pattern to Trump’s tweet attacks. Before the stories on Attorney General Sessions’ meetings with Russia came out, Trump went on tweet storm attacking the press and The New York Times.

A president can’t order wiretaps. It is alarming that the current president seems to have no idea what the powers of the presidency are. Rhodes was correct. Presidents don’t have the unilateral power to order wiretaps. The reason why the nomination of Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General was so troubling for many was that it was a direct attack on the idea of Justice Department independence.


The big tell is that Trump went on a tweetstorm about this that totally caught his staff off guard.

Sounds a bit like pants shitting.

Was Trump told what was on the tapes to give him a chance to resign?

He Voted

Time to talk Trump impeachment: Jason Sattler, USA Today

"At the Constitutional Convention, James Madison imagined impeachment as a relief from a chief executive who “might lose his capacity after his appointment. He might pervert his administration into a scheme of peculation or oppression. He might betray his trust to foreign powers.”
President Trump might have won Madison’s Triple Crown — in his first few weeks.
This is no exaggeration. The latest but far from only example is the Washington Post report that the White House, having failed to get the FBI director and deputy director to publicly rebut reports about contacts between Trump associates and Russian intelligence operatives before the 2016 election, then enlisted Congress and the intelligence community to knock down stories about the alleged connections.
And the goon squad attempting to limit the president’s PR damage reportedly includes the man Trump picked to lead the CIA and the chairmen of the House and Senate intelligence committees, who were Trump transition advisers and now are the two men most responsible for investigating Trump’s Russia ties."


Didn't Trump

Ask Nunes to lie to cover his ass?

Looks like the fix is in.

House Intelligence chairman denies evidence of Trump teams ties to Russia

Source: Washington Post

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes denied on Monday morning that there was any evidence from the intelligence community of contacts between Trump campaign officials and Russian operatives.

“As of right now, I don’t have any evidence of any phone calls. It doesn’t mean they don’t exist. . . . What I’ve been told by many folks is that there’s nothing there,” Nunes (R-Calif.) said.

Nunes contended there was no need at this time for a special prosecutor to investigate allegations of contact between Russian officials and Trump campaign aides. Instead, the Republican said that the “major crimes” that have been committed are leaking to the news media on the subject of Russia, as well as other accounts of what should be confidential dealings with the Trump White House, including calls with foreign leaders like the Australian prime minister.

Read more: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/powerpost/house-intelligence-chairman-denies-evidence-of-trump-teams-ties-to-russia/2017/02/27/66495ce8-fcfd-11e6-99b4-9e613afeb09f_story.html

Now we know what to expect from the Republicans when it comes to investigating the treasonous scumbags in the White Houae.
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